Minecraft Birthdays

My boys… well, actually all THREE of my children.. are obsessed with the online computer game, Minecraft.  I have to admit I don’t get it.  It’s a game filled with pixelated boxes of all kinds, with enemies and friends, and you do a lot (A LOT) of building.  They try to explain it to me, but I just hear a lot of buzzing noises as they chatter on.  BUT… the important news is that this is such a popular theme that I have some fabulous ideas for Minecraft birthday parties!

From Crafty Ingredients, a party post for Minecraft Lovers.  LOVE the desert table, (and her comments mirror my feelings regarding the game of Minecraft).


From Keitha’s chaos, a post FULL of Minecraft birthday ideas:




From Partylicious, a FAB Minecraft party post!  There is an incredible amount of detail in this post – you need to check out ALL her photos!


And from By Hook & Thread, another AMAZING Minecraft party post.  Creeper juice is AWESOME (or at least my kids would think so!)

C creeper juice

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