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Nutella Brownies with Dark Chocolate Chips – Wonderfully Easy and Delicious!

nutella dessert recipes

Although I’m very much a ‘from-scratch’ kind of gal; there are some times when you just can’t beat using a boxed brownie mix.  This Nutella brownies recipe is one such time!  It takes only minutes to put together  (no equipment needed) and bakes up incredibly rich and moist.  Be careful not to over bake – that’s a recipe for dry brownies.


Shoe Diva Birthday Party!

A big thanks to Tabatha for sharing pictures from the fab party she threw for her wonderful aunt/business partner!

shoe blog post



First – we have to share the beautiful decor.  Like these amazing flower filled shoe vases.  You can purchase our shoe centerpieces for your own party!

ceramic shoes


shoe birthday party theme









And how about her BEAUTIFUL dessert display.   Tabatha used our Shoe Cupcake Wrappers,  Zebra Stiletto Place Card Holders AND Shoe Favor Tags!

high heel birthday party


high heel place card holders


 Planning a party for your favorite Shoe Diva?  Come check out our Shoe Birthday Party Favors & Decor!






Fig Jam & Chevre Cheese Filled Turnovers with Puff Pastry


cheese and fig appetizers

I came across a very complicated recipe for fig turnovers that called for a homemade crust, homemade fig jam and a sweetened cream and chevre cheese filling.  The combination sounded absolutely scrumptious but I knew I wasn’t going to go through all that effort.  Instead I streamlined the recipe using puff pastry and purchased fig jam.  The verdict?  Awesome!  Everyone loved it!  And if fig isn’t your thing, replace it with any fruit preserve.

Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake

cream cheese glaze

I have discovered a new, *sweet* dessert recipe blog that I love, GrandBabyCakes.  Jocelyn, the blogger, has generously allowed Diva Entertains to share her recipes and pictures on our blog – THANK YOU JOCELYN!   I encourage you to visit her site! While there, you can sign up to receive her recipes via email like we did.

This cinnamon roll cake is so darn fabulous!  A delicious version of rolls that is much easier to make!

Thanksgiving Spiced Cheesecake

thanksgiving cheesecake

This scrumptious spiced cheesecake, in a fabulous chocolate cookie crust, is the perfect winter or Thanksgiving cheesecake!  I was looking for Nabisco chocolate cookie wafers to make the crust but I couldn’t find them at several stores.  How fortunate because instead I decided to make the crust with Keebler Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate cookies and did it turn out delicious!  You can use most any cookie (Oreos, etc.) you’ll just needed to moisten the crumbs with melted butter so that they will stick together.

winter cheesecake

There’s another reason why this cheesecake is so delicious.  It’s baked perfectly thanks to an article years ago from Cooks Illustrated magazine that taught me how to bake a cheesecake.  For any recipe that uses 3 or more 8-ounce packages of cream these – I recommend the cooking method detailed below.  You will need to purchase an inexpensive cooking thermometer.

One more thing!  This cheesecake tastes best when served cold.