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Homemade Salted Caramel – So Good!

how to make salted caramel

My friend Danielle over at Hugs&KissXOXO blog is an *amazing* dessert maker/creator.  And she has shared her never-fail method of how to make salted caramel.  As most of you probably know, salted caramel is very in now.  VERY.  And now you can get in on the trend; this liquid gold is delicious over ice cream, brownies, apple pie, spice cake – you name it!

Oreo Cookie Brownies – YUMMY!

oreo cookie brownies

I’m always on the look out for recipes using oreo cookies.  Or sometimes I’ll create one!  Such was the case for these Oreo cookie brownies.  Using a boxed brownie mix makes these especially easy to make!

I used one cup each of chocolate and white chocolate chips, however, you can use 2 cups of the same type if you’d prefer.