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Apple Almond Galette

easy apple dessert

I love the combination of almond with fruit so when I came across this relatively easy apple dessert recipe that included almond paste I was excited to try it.  The recipe came from a magazine called Family Favorites Cookbook and it’s easy to see why it was included.

Similar to an apple almond tart – this recipe is easier because it is free-form (no fitting into a tart pan).

FYI: I omitted the giner and replace it with 1 tsp. cinnamon.

Oreo Cheesecake Cake

oreo dessert recipes

My friend Danielle over at Hugs&CookiesXOXO has done it again – another fabulous, decadent Oreo-laden recipe!

recipes using oreo cookies

The recipe’s a bit involved but you can cut down on the steps by using your favorite chocolate cake mix.  And it doesn’t get much easier than decorating a cake by putting Oreos on it!

oreo recipes

Blender Cupcakes with Divine Fudge Frosting

easy homemade cupcakes

I must admit that my least favorite part of making cupcakes is getting the batter in the cupcake tins; I always have spillage.  So when my friend Liz over at ThatSkinnyChickCanBake share this recipe it had my name written all over it! And Liz’s recipes never disappoints!