The Diva Entertains Bloggers

Hi!  I’m Debra.  And as you can tell from my blog’s name I LOVE to entertain!  Although cooking is my hobby/passion – to me having people over for a meal is so much more than just about the food.  It’s about making my guests feel wanted and special.  From putting out a vase of fresh flowers, setting a nice table, having music playing in the background, giving them a little something to take home (shameless self promotion here of my adjoining favors website, Diva Entertains) and just plain ol’ doting on my guests.

In fact, when I read Nicole Mone’s opening paragraph of her fictional book, “The Last Chinese Chef”  it nearly took my breath away because this is how I feel about entertaining.  I hope that the Diva Entertains Blog will convey that to you and will be a useful and “entertaining” source of information.  Now the quote:

“Apprentices have asked me, what is the most exalted peak of cuisine?  Is it the freshest ingredients , the most complex flavors?  Is it the rustic, or the rare?  It is none of these.  The peak is neither eating nor cooking, but the giving and sharing of food.  Great food should never be taken alone.  What pleasure can a man (or woman, my addition) take in fine cuisine unless he invites cherished friends, counts the days until the banquet, and composes an anticipatory poem for his letter of invitation”.

When not entertaining or working on party favors I run a book club at our library (and am on the board of directors), volunteer with a great organization that mentors at-risk teenage girls (in addition to being a board member I teach cooking skills and lead book club discussions), *read* and garden.

Thanks for sharing your time with me.  D


Hi!  My name is Char, and I’m a the OTHER blogger here at Diva Entertains.  The sweet little thing next to me in the photo is my daughter Martha.  She is quite a bit older now than when that picture was made, but she was, and always will be… a Diva! AND, she was born with the gift of hospitality and entertaining. Because of her, I have learned to embrace the girly, pink and zebra-striped, glitter and sparkle side of myself (that I honestly didn’t know existed until she came along).  Her first birthday party a few years ago was an all-out PRINCESS PARTY, and even though she won’t really have memories of that day, I will.  She has helped plan every party since!  In fact, if it were up to her, we’d celebrate EACH day with a party.

Besides being a mom to Martha (and her two older brothers Samuel and Allan), I am also a website and graphic designer.  In my extra time, I design and create favors for the Diva Entertains shop, and I also run a crochet shop on etsy.  (No, I don’t really have any extra time). It’s a full life, and I love every bit of it.  I’m very excited to be joining the “Diva” team here and blogging about all things Entertainment, Party, Wedding, and… more!