Minecraft Birthdays

My boys… well, actually all THREE of my children.. are obsessed with the online computer game, Minecraft.  I have to admit I don’t get it.  It’s a game filled with pixelated boxes of all kinds, with enemies and friends, and you do a lot (A LOT) of building.  They try to explain it to me, but I just hear a lot of buzzing noises as they chatter on.  BUT… the important news is that this is such a popular theme that I have some fabulous ideas for Minecraft birthday parties!

From Crafty Ingredients, a party post for Minecraft Lovers.  LOVE the desert table, (and her comments mirror my feelings regarding the game of Minecraft).


From Keitha’s chaos, a post FULL of Minecraft birthday ideas:




From Partylicious, a FAB Minecraft party post!  There is an incredible amount of detail in this post – you need to check out ALL her photos!


And from By Hook & Thread, another AMAZING Minecraft party post.  Creeper juice is AWESOME (or at least my kids would think so!)

C creeper juice

Baseball Party Ideas

Baseball is a great theme for spring and summer birthdays (well, even for fall too!).  Here are some great baseball birthday party ideas I found while looking around!

From Itsy Belle, a fabulous array of photos from a Vintage Baseball party.  She offers some great tips on doing this on a budget, and you can purchase the printables used in her photos from the Itsy Belle etsy shop:


Martha Stewart has a article on planning a Baseball Birthday Party.  Tutorials included are Table Setting, Sandwiches, Favors and How To Make Baseball Cupcakes!


From the Hostess blog, a great photo album of pics from a Baseball party.  It includes great ideas for favors, decorating the food table, and more!


And a super cute baseball cupcake cake idea, from Nelson Corner:

Carters Cake

Outer Space Birthday Parties

Both of my boys are obsessed with space… probably because their dad is too.  The movie Star Wars came out in 1977 when my husband was 7 years old, and the obsession began that year.  Today I have some super fun ideas for outer space birthday parties… for all YOUR space obsessed boys too!

From Catch My party, a super cute album of outer space birthday photos with a fabulous dessert buffet:


From A Styled Fete, a “To The Moon and Back” party.  I love the different dessert items donut holes as meteorites and small candies as asteroids!


From Life Frosting, an Astronaut Training party.  She includes some GREAT space shuttle party activity ideas:


And from the Hostess blog, a super colorful BLAST OFF party!  Be sure to scroll down and get details on how to make some of the dessert items and the decorations!


Campfire Party – inside and out!

Summer is going to be here in two blinks of an eye, and it’s time to start thinking about campfires and s’mores!  Now, for the “delicate” among us, not all campfire events have to be OUTSIDE in the wild… some can be inside with A/C and s’mores can be made in more ways than one. (Click HERE to read our s’mores post!)  I’ve got a variety of ideas for you to check out today!

From Juli Jacklin’s Cupcakes, a cute photo of campfire cupcakes – perfect for indoors or out:


From Frosted Events, a visual post with lots of campfire party ideas:


From Kara’s Party Ideas, a cute camping party:


From TSJ photography, check out the AMAZING camping party set-up!


And because I can’t post about campfires and camping parties without mentioning s’mores (again)… check out the recipe/ideas for two different kind of s’mores from Moore Minutes.  The post if full of other dessert buffet goodness too… AND you need to check out her original post about the entire campfire/camping birthday party HERE.


Teen Birthday Ideas

We talk a lot about adults… and little ones… but rarely do I post about the tweens/teens!  Today… we’ll fix that with some great ideas and inspiration!

First up, from Kara’s Party Ideas… a teen girl birthday party, with a Bunco theme!


Another fabulous idea for this time of year… a teen pool party!  Check out the gallery of awesome pics from the Hostess blog… with a Hawaiian theme:


For the fashionista party, how about edibleNail Polish Bites .. from luuux.com:  You will not believe how easy it is to make these – marshmallows, frosting and tootsie rolls!


From Lollipops and Paper, check out the fab Glow in the Dark Sweet 16 party:  In a bit of self-promotion, Diva Entertains is now offering Glow In The Dark Grippy Socks!


From Because Love is a Lifestyle, an entire DIY party… with homemade pizza, crafts and cake!  A great party doesn’t have to be a LOT of work…. just lots of fun!



DIY Sesame Street Parties

Sesame Street is one of the most popular themes for baby and toddler birthday parties, of course… and I’ve found some great inspiration to help with those parties.

From the Hostess blog, a super colorful fun party Sesame Street post… love those Cookie Monster cupcakes!!


Click here to watch a tutorial to learn how to make cookie monster cupcakes.  These are more involve than those pictured above but the tutorial is GREAT!.

From Crafty Creative Kathy, check out all her Sesame Street party DIY ideas… the street sign is so cute! Make sure you read through her post – she explains how to do everything!


From Smile Like You Mean It, a great post full of easy ideas… especially love the Cookie Monster bean bag game!


And check out the super cute Sesame Street fruit and veggie trays from The Produce Mom:  Click through to see the ingredients for each tray.


DIY Puppet Theater Time!

My kids LOVE puppets!  They turn stuffed animals into puppets, they make sock puppets, and my middle son is the king of paper puppets.  (If it can be made with construction paper, glue sticks, and tape… he’s made it!)  Well, I got to thinking how fun it might be to create a birthday party around puppets, including a puppet theater for the kids to use.  You KNOW I found some great ideas for how to construct them, and here they are…

From Molly Moo, a cute shoebox finger puppet theater… love this for the little ones!


From Tip Junkie, a super simple, but FAB idea for using a project display board and turning it into a Puppet Theater.  We are definitely making one of these for our house!



Something we haven’t done, but will be doing soon… shadow puppets!  Check out this tutorial for making a Shadow Puppet Theater, from inner child fun: So easy and so fun!


If you are SUPER ambitious, here is an amazing tutorial for making a wooden tabletop puppet theater, from Prudent Baby:



And in case you don’t want to make one of your own, here is a great idea from Cool Spaces for Kids on etsy… a doorway puppet theater!


Theme Thursday – Boys’ Birthday Ideas – BIG trucks!

I’ve shared some great ideas recently for GIRLS birthdays… it’s time the boys had a chance!  There are lots of great party ideas out there, but I thought I’d stick with the construction, big machines, bright colors ideas for today.

From Kara’s Party Ideas, a Construction Truck Themed 1st Birthday.  There are some SERIOUSLY awesome ideas and inspiration in this post!!


From the Hostess blog, a great gallery of ideas with Trucks as the birthday party theme.  Make sure your scroll to see all 13 pictures!

From I.D. Mommy, a DIY Monster Truck party… with great ideas for invitations, activities, and decor!  Her tutorial for the cake, is FAB… AND easy!


And we can’t forget FIRE Trucks as a great party theme.  Check out this Fire Truck Birthday post on the Hostess blog:

Planning on having a truck birthday cake?  Turn to Google.com/Images for inspiration.  Simply type “truck birthday cake” in the search box.  Or you can be very specific such as “fire truck birthday cake” or “monster truck birthday cake”.



Theme Thursday: Lalaloopsy Parties

I mentioned HERE that my daughter is enamored with My Little Pony… and we were thinking about a MLP birthday party this year.  BUT, she is ALSO enamored with Lalaloopsy, and now we can’t decide!  It doesn’t help that I found a ton of adorable ideas for decorating and throwing a Lalaloopsy party.  Check ’em out!

A super cute gallery of Lalaloopsy birthday party photos on Catch My Party.  The “button” cakes look very simple, but add the PERFECT touch for a Lalaloopsy party!  There are 24 great pictures (lots of inspiration) to scroll through


And another adorable round-up of Lalaloopsy photos on Catch My Party.  I LOVE, LOVE the favor bags… and these adorable (well, what other word can I use??) cake pops.  One again, 19 pictures to scroll through!


Check out Carosello, and her Lalaloopsy party photos, and comments.  The button backdrop was a genius idea – so simple, but perfection for the theme:

And speaking of button backdrops, check out the Lalaloopsy Party post on the Hostess blog.  This is a great DIY post, with the end result – only $20 for a fab party backdrop!

And finally (although I COULD keep posting links because there are some FAB posts out there… lots and lots of Lalaloopsy this year)… but, finally, a LalaLoopsy post on Very Rosenberry, featuring Whimsical Printables… this party is over the top, and I love everything about it:

Theme Thursday – My Little Pony Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again… all three of my children have birthdays in the next several weeks, so I’m in busy (crazy) planning mode.  My daughter can’t decide on a theme, so I’m rounding up ideas and more ideas to (hopefully) help her finalize the plans!  Today’s post includes all the fun “My Little Pony” ideas I’ve found!  Just in case you don’t know… the key to a My Little Pony party? RAINBOWS….and MORE Rainbows!

From Life with Moore Babies, a lovely post about her daughter’s My Little Pony party.  LOTS of great ideas for decorations, food, and favors!


From Munchkin Munchies, Rainbow Cake Pops – perfect for My Little Pony parties! How cool are these ? (wait ’til you click through and see the tutorial and finished products)

From Maddycakes Muse, a FAB My Little Pony party post with super ideas on decor, favors, games and more!

From The Travelling Chaplins, a simple but lovely My Little Pony party.  And I especially love the rainbow covered “4” cake; what a great idea to make an M&M rainbow!

This is probably WAY more work than I might do for a party favor…. but, if you were so inclined, you could make PLUSH My Little Pony dolls, with this Tutorial/Video from
Oh Sew Geeky: