Summer Craft Activities for Kids

In our household, the words “I’m bored” are not allowed.  I’m harsh like that.  BUT, my kids also know that there are PLENTY of options for fun and games and crafts around our house.

And if we run out of ideas, we know where to go!  Our local craft shops ALWAYS have classes and kids’ camps that are perfect for learning new skills and trying new things.

If you are looking for fun with the kids this summer, check out JOANNS.COM and their “Kids’ Camp”… browse through projects and classes, and get your kids signed up today!  Sewing classes, cake decorating, crochet, jewelery making – you name it, they’ve got it!  And, there are also LOTS of great options for Moms (and Dads and Grandmas…) too!


Michaels Craft Classes for Kids is another great option for classes and events. Cake decorating, painting, bracelet making… my kids can’t decide WHICH class they want to try most!

Do you have a Hobby Lobby in your area?  Well, Hobby Lobby has a ton of great Project Inspiration ideas on their website.  You can browse through fun project ideas, and get a list of supplies needed, and GET BUSY!

And if you don’t live near any of the the three shops listed above, don’t worry!  Craft and fun project ideas are only a google search away!  Type in “Summer Crafts for Kids”, and you’ll be SET!

Happy crafting!!

Tuesday Trends – Photo Booths and Photo Props

One of the hottest trends to hit parties lately is the Photo Booth!  You can rent a temporary Photo Booth for your next event… OR you can fashion your own!

You just need a backdrop… some photo props… a picture frame or two.  And a camera (or photographer).  Party photo booths are perfect for not only getting fun photos of the wedding couple or the birthday kiddo…. but ALSO getting great photos of guests too!

From Hip Hip Hooray, a couple of adorable kids’ birthday photo booth ideas:

From the Knot, a lovely wedding photo booth idea with a backdrop and frames. Picture frames as photo booths are super popular right now!

Just look at this fabulous photo booth idea, from a post on Manolo for the Brides:

And, don’t forget about the step-by-step DIY Photo Booth we showed you last week!

I mentioned the photo booth PROPS, right?  You know I have DIY tutorial links for you… WITH free printables!

Check out this post from Oh Happy Day  She shows you how to make great photo booth props:

And from Ruffled, a great DIY photo booth props post: (say THAT three times fast!)

Finally, from Undercover Mother, another fab DIY post… with tutorial on how to make foam photo props! These are way easier than you’d think!

It’s easy… it’s fun… and you know you want a photo with a mustache!

Tuesday Trends – Purse Parties

Last week, we talked a little bit about GLAM SHOES… so THIS week, it just seemed appropriate to continue the discussion, but this time with PURSES.

In case you hadn’t considered a purse theme party,  I have some fab links for you to help get you started!

Check out this wonderful tutorial on how to make a purse cake, from  This is actually quite easy if you purchase fondant.  It is sold in the baking aisle of large craft stores and bakeries often are willing to sell you fondant too.  Also – marshmallow fondant is easy to make and easy to work with.  And delicious!:


If cupcakes are more your style… look at these “fashionably chic”  purse cupcakes! The “how-to” for these cupcakes can be found in the Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, Oh, My book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

Of course, if designing an entire purse cupcake might be too much, you can always make fondant purse cupcake toppers.  The Wilton site shows a quick and easy way to make adorable fondant purses, which you can make in any color you desire!

Now, how about centerpieces?  We have this lovely purse centerpiece in the Diva Entertains shop:

And check out this tutorial, from… a pink posy purse centerpiece:

Finally, you can’t forget favors!  We have an entire section devoted to purse party favors in the DE shop. Manicure sets, favor bags, and even Oreo cookies!

Corissa, Emily and Valerie sent in this picture from their purse party featuring our “Little Black Purse” manicure sets and gorgeous Big Buddah purses – thank you so much, Big Buddah, for generously providing them.

Tuesday Trend – Vintage Glam for weddings and parties

“Vintage Glam” might not be for everyone, but you have to admit there is a plenty of room for glam in the vintage category!  The “vintage party” concept is a fun trend, and I’ve got some great finds for you, if this is YOUR type of glam.

From The Sweetest Occasion, check out this tutorial on making Vintage Contact Paper banners – perfect for decorating for a vintage wedding theme or birthday party!


Need style ideas for your table and place settings?  Click on over to the Gallery at Style Me Pretty.


From the At RuffledBlog learn out how to create a fabulous Vintage Wallpaper Photo Booth for your wedding reception!

A tutorial so easy, it’s mostly just photo inspiration!  Look at these wonderful vintage votives trimmed with lace, from Annaboo’s House:

There are lots and lots of fabulous cake and cupcake designers out there, but I found one from the UK who really seems to GET the vintage glam idea.  Check out the Cotton and Crumb cupcake gallery HERE. (And be sure to click around the site to see a lot of other amazing dessert and cake designs too!) When you see something (or two or three) that you like – print out the photo and take it to your bakery to replicate!  For a fun and delightful twist – serve your vintage cupcakes in teacups – no crumbs!




Tuesday Trend – Fondant Cupcake Toppers

Have you used fondant in your cake or cupcake decorating yet?  If not, why not?

About three years ago, I tried my hand at decorating with fondant and made a pretty fabulous (if I do say so myself) Princess Birthday cake for my daughter. (Ok, just the bodice of her dress was made with fondant, but I am still proud).

Since that time, the use of fondant and edibles for CUPCAKE toppers has grown like crazy, and this year, I plan do try again, BUT making individual princess toppers for cupcakes!

You know I found a few tutorials, right?  AND some super fab fondant artists from whom you can purchase fondant cake toppers, if you aren’t brave enough to try your own!

First off – let’s start you off with a super-easy, incredibly delicious marshmallow fondant recipe (or you can purchase fondant from a bakery or the baking aisle of a craft store).  Learning how to make cake fondant (or cupcake fondant) is fun and a money saver!


From Glorious Treats, a fondant tutorial, to help you get started!

From Crave. Indulge. Satisfy, one of THE best tutorials I found… how to make owl fondant cupcake toppers:

From The Crafty Penguin, a fun tutorial on ladybug cupcakes:

From Cake Journal, how to make embossed teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers (GORGEOUS!):

And remember when I said I was hoping to make some Princess cupcake toppers for my daughter’s birthday?  Well… I may just BUY them instead.  Check THESE out, from Edible Details:

And these from Parker’s Flour Patch, some rose and princess-theme toppers:

Cute, cute, CUTE!!

Tuesday Trends – Subway Art

What exactly is “subway art”.  Well, the original “subway art” began with graffiti artists in the New York Subways over two decades ago.  In the last 25 years, it has evolved in a variety of ways, mostly with the use of fonts to make unique up decor and wall art. In case you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, I’ve got an example, and I know you’ll agree with me that it’s been one of the hottest “trends” in decorating in the last couple of years.

An example – vinyl wall sayings subway art in wall decal form, from Design Divas on etsy.  Bonus – they are inexpensive!:

But, the great thing about this kind of art expression is that it’s not JUST for posters or wall art anymore!  Check out some of the great digital invitations I found with one quick search.  All are beautiful, unique & affordable!

From emmiecakes on etsy, a baptism invite:

From Proffitt Productions, fabulous western invitations:

From the Wedding Chicks, FREE printable wedding invitations:

From Modern Day Moms, an example of  sweet pink digitatal baby shower invitations:

And from Wed Loft, a gorgeous wedding invite:

Tuesday Trend – Marshmallow Party

I’ve been seeing marshmallows popping up everywhere lately!  Lots and lots of s’mores ideas out there, and hot chocolate recipes with adorable marshmallow toppings, and of course, Marshmallow POPS.  Here are a few inspirations for you today.

Do you know how to make homemade marshmallows?  You’ll be surprised just how easy they are to make!  And they taste incredible!!  Here’s Martha Stewart marshmallow recipe that includes, if you want, how to make marshmallow snowflakes (you can also just cut them into squares:):

Want some great ideas on how to decorate marshmallows?

First, from Hostess with the Mostess blog, marshmallow snowmen:

From the Make’n Mold website, recipes for two fun chocolate covered marshmallow pops:

From the Betty Crocker website, Marshmallow S’mores Bars:

And, because I can’t resist… from Gimme Some Oven, S’mores on a STICK (or s’more pops):

Happy Marshmallow-ing!

Tuesday Trend – Chevron Prints

Today’s Tuesday Trend is a FUN one.  I know you’ve seen chevron prints recently (even if you didn’t know that these prints were CALLED chevron prints).  They are everywhere – clothes, decor, party favors… HOT trend, for sure!

Nursery chevron decor, from Project Nursery:

Pillows, from Pillow Throw Decor:


Chevron Party favors, from HeyYoYo:


Chevron Party Table Decor, from Enchanted Events & Design:

And… COOKIES, from Sugarbelle!  Click HERE to read how to MAKE these:

I am SO in a zig-zag kind of mood now, how about you?

How to Make a Bunting Banner For Your Fall Party

It’s not Tuesday, but I have a Tuesday Trend for you anyway!  What is it, you ask?  (Well, I sort of gave it away in the title of the post).

It’s BUNTING!  Or Bunting Banners.

They… are everywhere.

So, what is bunting, you ask?  Traditionally, bunting has been used at political rallies and for patriotic events, like the 4th of July.  You’ve seen them – flag banners that hang as a decoration on walls or table tops – usually just triangular pieces of fabric, used as decorative swag. But, we’ve come a LONG way from the traditional red, white, and blue versions.

The bunting banners of today are perfect for party decorations, holiday decorations, or just lovely decor for your home!  And you know you want to make one, right?

Here is a great DIY Bunting Banner Tutorial from Dream Book Design perfect for November:

A DIY “Give Thanks” Bunting tutorial,  this one made from paper, from The Kurtz Corner:

How about a recycled cardboard bunting/banner?  Talk about going green for the fall!  (Ok, that didn’t make sense… we’re supposed to go brown, right?)  This tutorial is from Crate Paper Blog:

For those of you who might like to make a bunting banner with fabric, but definitely want a NO-SEW version, check out THIS lovely Fall Leaf Fabric Bunting Banner from Diary of a Crafty Lady:

You are so not going to believe this one… but LOOK at this fab bunting, made from wood moulding, from I {heart} naptime:

So, will you be making a bunting to decorate for a fall party?  If so, what will YOU use?  Paper?  Fabric?  Burlap?  WOOD?   Let us know, we’d love to hear about (and see) your bunting projects!

Tuesday Tips – DIY Napkin Rings for Thanksgiving

Happy November 1st!  I’m so very excited today, because I have not one, but TWO fabulous DIY napkin rigs projects to enhance your autumn parties!

First up is an  embroidered and felt napkin ring tutorial from HELLOmynameisHeather.

Heather includes detailed instructions for this thanksgiving craft project AND downloadable/printable patterns to make these felt napkins rings.  Look… just look… at those acorns!  She will teach you HOW to make them!

But, maybe you aren’t a felt, thread, and embroider kind of gal?

No worries!  I’ve created some free printable napkin PAPER tags, just for you!

Simply print them on cardstock, punch them out with a 2 inch round or scallop punch (purchased at a craft store like Michaels or ordered from HERE).  You can then embellish them with ribbon, glitter, or whatever else your imagination cooks up!  I left the tags blank, so they could double as diy place cards for your party, or you could write a short “Happy Thanksgiving” message on each one.

Here is an example of a how you might use the tags… as a water glass place card.

The look would be just as nice as a satin ribbon Thanksgiving napkin rings on a linen napkin.

You can download the sheet of free tags HERE.  It is in PDF format, with all three tags on one printable page.

And if you use these, we’d LOVE to see photos of your table settings!  Just send an email to with your photos, and we’ll feature them in a future post!