Best of Spring!

Spring Break has come and gone… and left our household with a flu bug and severe seasonal allergies!  I’m taking a day or two to get back in the swing of things, so I’m cheating a little today and sharing our “best of” (or most popular) from last year’s spring posts.  Here they are:

It’s a GLAM Baby Shower!

I have to admit, I had SO much fun with this post.  I’m not having any more babies anytime soon (or ever), but I always get a little bit of “baby fever” around the first of each year.  Probably because it’s a time for NEW and BEGINNINGS!  Thankfully, there are always plenty of lovely ladies that ARE having babies in my circles, so I thought I’d settle the “fever” by planning a fun party for one of THEM! And I found some super, super fab GLAM Baby Shower inspirations… and a few other fun extras!

First up, from Brooklyn Limestone, an incredibly glamerous baby shower!  Check out the invites and read what she did.  It’s short and has some great inexpensive baby shower ideas:

And a “Baby Shower Wishing Well”:

You simply MUST click HERE to see the rest of the photos (you’ll have to scroll just a tiny bit, but they are there!)

Next, from Kara’s Party Ideas, a rustic glam shower inspiration:  (again, click the link to see MORE baby shower inspiration images – great ideas including a hot cocoa bar)

From Pizzazzerie, another over-the-top fab shower, this time Coco Chanel inspired:

I know I keep saying it, but be sure to click over and see the rest of the photos and the post.  There are some great ideas that could be used for any theme or color scheme.  Near the end of the post is a great “quick tutorial” on how to make a baby shower wishing tree with manzanita branches.

And… for a totally DIFFERENT take on “glam”, look at this Cirque du Bebe Baby Shower post on The Hostess blog:

The photos from this event are simply stunning… who says you can’t plan a circus themed GLAM baby shower? And Click Here to get more details on how to do it yourself!

Now, you really can’t have a glam baby shower without gifts, and of COURSE I was able to find a few lovely, GLAM, gifts for a new baby-to-be.  (And I know, the boys are left out on this one, but we’ll fix that with a very BOY-themed post soon).

From Handmade With Love 4 U on etsy, a shabby chic rosette flower headband:

From Simply Irresistable, a trio floret headband:

From Delight Crochet, a simple, elegant crochet headband:

And finally, from Buttercup Baby Boutique, a sparkly vintage glam beanie (used as a photo prop only) for new baby:

Winter Decor – Whimsy Wednesday…

I don’t know about you, but I’m just a tiny bit tired this week!  Lots of holiday happenings and goings and comings and family visits and get-togethers and…and…  well, YOU know!  So, today’s post is a bit light on the DIY and a bit heavy on the “look what I’ve found, isn’t it lovely and whimsical?”  Hope that’s ok with you!

From the Blue Eyed Yonder blog, an entire post dedicated to whimsy winter decorations:

From Half Baked, the Cake Blog, a fun and whimsical white winter cake with blue and gold accents.  (And be sure to click on over to the post, there are several OTHER cake designs posted too!)

From Green Wedding Shoes,  absolutely fabulous Candy Land party ideas, this time in the guise of a  Rehearsal Dinner:

ALSO from Green Wedding shoes, a lovely “Snowed In” wedding:

You know, I can’t post without at least ONE DIY link… here’s a link to a fab Winter Wonderland Centerpiece post, from CleverlyInspired:

And, from our Diva Entertains shop, Winter Wonderland Wedding Favor boxes:

What wonderful whimsy have you found lately??

Wednesday Wow – Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

How about a fun WOW for this fine Wednesday morning?  For those of you planning Thanksgiving parties that will include children… why not make Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes?

You can click HERE to read how to make these:

And in case you would rather offer a more sophisticated turkey cupcake (is there such a thing??), here is another tutorial for you.  Click the image below (or HERE) to get the instructions:

One more option… not a tutorial… but pre-made fondant Thanksgiving cupcake toppers that you can purchase from Sweet Thing Topper Shop:

Gobble, gobble!!

Cookies… cookies… and MORE cookies!

I only recently became aware of the WONDER that is the decorated sugar cookie.  I mean, sure, I’ve made lots of cookies in my life, and I’ve even decorated a few for the holidays over the years, but OH. MY. WORD.  I really had no idea what one could do with royal icing and some decorating talent.  (And actually, I have neither of those – icing OR talent – so even though I now KNOW what one could do, I couldn’t really do it if I tried).


How about I just show you some FABULOUS cookies, eh?  And maybe a tutorial or two?  From a few folks who DO have icing… and talent!

One of my most favorite new cookie sites is SugarBelle’s.  You will soon see why!  Check out some of her cookie masterpieces below!


The perfect jack-o-lantern cookies, with tips on making orange frosting:

An amazing example of how a cookie cutter can be used for more than one design:

Amazing!  (I know, I said that already, but really… )

Are you getting exciting about the cookie design possibilities?  Below you’ll  find several how to decorate with royal icing tutorials. Such as this fabulous lesson at with Top Ten Cookie Decorating tips about using Royal Icing:

And another one on how to “flood” cookies with Royal Icing. (I’ve learned a LOT of new terms in my cookie design making quest!)

I’m SO not done yet… look at THIS tutorial on quatrefoil designed cookies:

And this one, on making chevron-inspired cookies (another from SugarBelle’s!):

AND… I am going to finish out with these adorable angel cookies… and the tutorial on making them!

So, who is going to make some cookies?  (I’m volunteering to EAT them… or… admire them!)

And JUST in case you don’t have icing OR talent (just like me), here is a link to all our fabulous Cookie Favors in the Diva Entertains shop.

Wednesday Whimsy – Halloween edition

Probably because I have small children, I am often attracted to the whimsical in life.  (Maybe it’s because I have very WHIMSICAL small children). (Are all small children whimsical, or just mine?) (I probably should stop writing this post in parentheses).

Where was I?  Oh yes… over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been surfing around Pinterest looking at Halloween costumes, fun Halloween crafts and decorations, Halloween sweet treats and Halloween cookies, Halloween printables… well, all things Halloween.  I found myself pinning the whimsical and sweet, versus the scary and gory. (Again, the small children affect this decision, I’m sure).  I think there is room in a Diva’s life for whimsy, so here are a few fun things I found.


Source: via Debra on Pinterest


MORE cute:

Source: via Debra on Pinterest


LOVE these: (click HERE for quick tutorial on how to make them)

Source: via Debra on Pinterest


I will be making some of these FOR SURE:

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

My nine year old was a mummy last year, and plans to be one again this year. I don’t THINK he is too old to appreciate these mummy cupcakes:

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Sugary AND Salty Broomsticks.. not sure about eating them, but I LOVE the look. You can read the tutorial HERE.

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

And I couldn’t end a post without SOME form of pumpkins! These aren’t pink, but I think it’s a VERY clever idea… you can click HERE to read the tutorial on making your own photo pumpkins:

Source: via Debra on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday, folks!

Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe… NOT

I think it is a Mother Goose rhyme that describes children’s personalities based on the day of their birth.  Monday’s children are fair of face (pretty!).  Tuesday’s children are full of grace (nice!). Thursday’s child has a long way to go (road-trip!), and Friday’s child is loving and giving.  Saturday’s child works hard, and Sunday’s child?  The best of all – bonny, blithe and other fun stuff.

But Wednesday’s child?  Full of woe.

Depressed.  Melancholy.

Of course you can guess which day of the week I was born on, right?  I remember reading that little rhyme and wondering… WHY?!  Why couldn’t I have been pretty or graceful?  No, I had to get stuck with SAD.

It turns out I was born with a bit of rebellion to go with my depression, and I have finally decided that Wednesday’s children deserve better.  We should be full of wackiness… or wonder.  Even whimsy would be good.  I’m not settling for WOE anymore!

SO, on that note.  Let’s have some Wednesday Wonder, Wacky and Whimsy, shall we?

(And yes, I realize I’m stretching the clever just a bit with all this Fabulous Fun Friday, and Tuesday Trends and Tips and Tricks and Tutorials and Monday Menus and… well, I SAID I wanted to be a bit wacky, right?  You’ll just have to bear with me).

Since I’ve already gone on and on (and on), I’ll stick to just three images today.


photo from

Wacky (yet, wonderful):

DIY Chandelier from


Flowers in hanging glass bottles from

Don’t ask me how or why I ended up with lighting and chandeliers for all THREE of these… it just happened, and I went with it!