Back to School DIY

As much as I hate to say it, summer is almost over… and that means back to school, routines, homework, and carpools.  I’m not sure who is more sad – me more or my children.  The only thing making me feel slightly better is the back to school shopping (I love NEW notebooks and pens!), and the fun ideas I found for Back to School DIY.

Today’s post will focus on the children, and accessories for school.  I’ll write another one next week with Back to School gifts for your teachers.

From Making the World Cuter, a fun tutorial for Personalized Pencil boxes!


A more feminine and shabby chic style of the pencil holders would be these adorable knotted pencil pouches, from see kate sew:


And check out these notebook decals, from the Lot 26 Studio.  You could use any kind of decal really, but the butterflies are lovely!


Everyone knows that you HAVE to take photos on the first day of school.  Check out the Back to School Photo Prop/Frame tutorial, from Crissy’s Crafts:


And this last link isn’t really THAT back to school related, but it IS Shark Week… so I had to share this fab tutorial for making a Shark Purse, from a beautiful mess!  I know there are some teens out there who use one of these on the first day of school!!



Spring Break Activities for Kids

I know a lot of folks (kids) are already enjoying spring break, and many (kids) are looking forward to next week, so they can relax and enjoy a bit of time off.  As a parent of three such kiddos, I have been doing some searching for fun spring break activities, that won’t break the bank… and that won’t cause TOO big of a mess! (Because really, I don’t want to be cleaning up messes on our week OFF).  Sharing what I’ve found so far…

From, a great post with four craft project ideas… but I especially like this yarn butterfly DIY project.  They are all easy and fun spring break activities!


From The 36th Avenue, a tutorial on how to make paper bead bracelets – my daughter is going to be making a TON of these, I’m sure!  I love that it doesn’t require a lot of supplies, and I can even recycle some old magazines!


From, a very simple craft that can then be turned into a game that can be played (and played and played some more)… magnetic fishing game craft!

From BHG, check out these adorable lightbulb sheep – so stinkin’ cute, and you aren’t really limited to just sheep… birds, dogs, cats… the only limit is your child’s imagination! There are actually 20 Easter crafts to make – check them out by scrolling through the pictures.


And from Martha Stewart, a project that includes some learning AND long-term fun!  Eggshell flowerpots – a perfect after-Easter activity!


Summer Craft Activities for Kids

In our household, the words “I’m bored” are not allowed.  I’m harsh like that.  BUT, my kids also know that there are PLENTY of options for fun and games and crafts around our house.

And if we run out of ideas, we know where to go!  Our local craft shops ALWAYS have classes and kids’ camps that are perfect for learning new skills and trying new things.

If you are looking for fun with the kids this summer, check out JOANNS.COM and their “Kids’ Camp”… browse through projects and classes, and get your kids signed up today!  Sewing classes, cake decorating, crochet, jewelery making – you name it, they’ve got it!  And, there are also LOTS of great options for Moms (and Dads and Grandmas…) too!


Michaels Craft Classes for Kids is another great option for classes and events. Cake decorating, painting, bracelet making… my kids can’t decide WHICH class they want to try most!

Do you have a Hobby Lobby in your area?  Well, Hobby Lobby has a ton of great Project Inspiration ideas on their website.  You can browse through fun project ideas, and get a list of supplies needed, and GET BUSY!

And if you don’t live near any of the the three shops listed above, don’t worry!  Craft and fun project ideas are only a google search away!  Type in “Summer Crafts for Kids”, and you’ll be SET!

Happy crafting!!