DIY Wedding Guest Books

There are a lot of ways to personalize a wedding reception, but one of the most unique ways is to create or design your own wedding guest book.  In fact, these days, wedding guest books aren’t always “books”.  I’ve found some great alternatives, as well as a some traditional ideas, for you today!

From the Creative Cubby, a Polaroid Wedding Guest Book… with great instructions! A fabulous memory maker!

Polaroid Wedding Guest Book 1


From Something Turquoise, alternative wedding guest book idea…and FAB!  A painted canvas guestbook that becomes a work of art for your new home!


From You, Me & House Makes Three, another amazing piece of “guest book” artwork… made from scrapbook paper hearts, and all the heartfelt notes from wedding guests:


From Confetti Day Dreams – a post full of Colorado gorgeousness… AND a fun “guest book” puzzle idea.  They used puzzle pieces that the guests could write a note on, and the bride and groom could put the tree puzzle together later, reading all the sentiments as they went!


And for those of you who want a little “bling”, check out these photos on Project Wedding… just a little bling changes a guest book in a BIG way!


Fab Cupcakes, Stands and More!

We’re talking about CUPCAKES today!  Cupcakes stands, cupcake bling, cupcake boxes… all cupcake love right here!

Starting off with some cupcake bling, check out these amazing cupcakes from Do It Yourself Weddings.  Easy to do yourself with cupcake wrappers and rhinestones bought at your local craft store (I also purchase self-stick rhinestones from Amazon quite frequently).

And these cupcakes in teacups WITH bling… and note the use of a wine glass as a cupcake stand, from Brenda’s Wedding Blog. I think for my next party I will serve a cupcake in a wineglass, sitting on a some whipped cream – wouldn’t that look FAB!

Speaking of stands, check out the individual cupcake stands we offer in the Diva Entertains shop:

And here is a photo from one of our lovely customers, with a “bling-ed out” cupcake stand she designed:

Did you know you can purchase edible “bling” to put on top of your cupcakes?  Not only GLAM to look, at but oh-so-fun to eat too!  Check out some incredible samples from Ridwana Hannan  – courtesy of Asian Wedding Ideas blog.  Most craft store sells the edible dragees shown below (also known as pearls).  For a large selection of colors and size Global Art Sugar is a good online source.

And another one, with edible cameos surrounded by edible pearls:

And this gorgeous example of using bling on cupcakes, from Just Call Me Martha… she has some other lovely cupcakes and cookies too!

We talked briefly about display earlier with the cake stands… how about cake boxes?  These can be accentuated with more pearls or rings bling for a fab look:


Fall Decor

Sometimes we branch out just a LITTLE from parties and events, and just talk about decor.  Today is one of those days!  It’s time to start thinking about your fall decor (just a few more days until it is officially no longer summer!)  I have some fall-ish DIY and inspiration for you!

From Thrifty Decor Chick, a very simple (and lovely) DIY fall wreath tutorial.


How about Duck Tape Pumpkins?  From Love and Sugar Kisses, comes a VERY unique way to decorate your real (or not) pumpkins this year.  You’ll be amazed at all the designs duck tape is now available in:

From A Diamond in the Stuff comes a pumpkin topiary… WITH glitter!  Click through to see just how easy and inexpensive this is to make!  This is one of the best pumpkin decorating ideas I’ve come across.

From Martha Stewart, a step-by-step tutorial on making a gorgeous pumpkin chandelier for those of you that are more ambitious:):

And finally, from, FABULOUS fall bling… on fruit! Make sure you scroll through ALL 17 fall centerpiece ideas!

How will YOU be decorating for fall?  We’d love to hear about it!

Wedding BLING!

It’s been a little while since we talked about Weddings and Bling… it is so time for another post!

Check out these super-fun super-bling wedding shoes, found on Style Me Pretty:


And this stunning wedding cake bling!  From a gallery on

You just can’t get MORE FAB than crystal encrusted bottles at your wedding… can you?  Check out the inspiration photo from Nancy Swiezy’s Events Weddings and Flowers  (with a great little tip on how to make these affordably!)

And of course we have BLING in the Diva Entertains shop.  Have you seen our crystal cake toppers?

Will YOU be adding bling to YOUR wedding?  If so, how?  We’d love to hear about it!


Bling Bouquets

Oh my goodness… I have some fun photos to share with you today (AND a tutorial too, of course).

Fresh flower bouquets are still the top choice for most brides, but the lots of DIVA brides are turning to (and making their own) BLING bouquets.  Did you know this?  Prepare yourself for FAB…

First up from Off Beat Bride, a very involved tutorial for making Sparkly DIY Crystal Bouquets.  Low cost too!

From the Bridal Guide, a post with tips and ideas on  how to make a Brooch Bouquet

Maybe you still want fresh flowers, but you want a little extra bling too?  Then consider wrapping the stems on your bouquet! Check out this tutorial on Bow Ties & Buttercream… for jewelry for your bridal party AND for a bouquet wrap too!


And another option for wrapping, from Wedding Bells.  Actually – 30 different wraps (not all bling) are shown – great ideas are to be had!

Of course, if you want a one-of-a-kind, forever bouquet, but don’t want to make it yourself, there are options.  Check out Emici Bridal – this shop is full of stunning custom-made BLING bouquet options.  Here is one I just love:

So, are you ready to bring on the BLING this spring??

Fab Friday – Inspiration for a GLAM party

I don’t have tutorials for you today, (well, ok, maybe one), but I DO have some fab, fab, FAB inspiration photos as you think about your next Bachelorette, Birthday, or Bridal party.  I hope you are in the mood for GLAM parties, because we are BRINGING it today!

First up, a fabulous BIG FLOWER party…  hot pink, silver, sparkle ribbon and backdrop…LOVE!


And speaking of silver and sparkle, check out this gorgeous wreath! (If you are interested, you can purchase it HERE)

Source: via Janice on Pinterest


How about a little Hollywood Glam with a Vintage Chanel party theme??


Who knew burlap and candles could be so PRETTY?!


Need ideas for everything? A color scheme, favors, centerpieces… here you go!


And last, but not least… I promised you a tutorial! Check out this how-to on making a pair of Jewel Embellished Party Shoes!

Source: via Emma on Pinterest


Happy FAB FRIDAY, everyone!