Beach Themed Bridal Shower – Featured Customer

A big thanks to Angela for sharing these great pics from the bridal shower she hosted!

How wonderful that they were able to have the shower right on the waterfront – love the ‘flying’ fish!

beach themed bridal shower


And let’s not forget about one of the most important aspects of any bridal shower – something wonderful to drink.  We love how they put out a sign that read “A Drink In My Hand, Toes In the Sand”


And of course we have to show you the fun Flip Flop Bottle Stoppers that Angela purchased from Diva Entertains for the event – they were a BIG hit!



flip flop wine stoppersanchor-second


The bride’s chair is just one of many, many details that Angela included – so thoughtful!



Thank you, Angela, for sharing your photos with us!

Spring Break Activities for Kids

I know a lot of folks (kids) are already enjoying spring break, and many (kids) are looking forward to next week, so they can relax and enjoy a bit of time off.  As a parent of three such kiddos, I have been doing some searching for fun spring break activities, that won’t break the bank… and that won’t cause TOO big of a mess! (Because really, I don’t want to be cleaning up messes on our week OFF).  Sharing what I’ve found so far…

From, a great post with four craft project ideas… but I especially like this yarn butterfly DIY project.  They are all easy and fun spring break activities!


From The 36th Avenue, a tutorial on how to make paper bead bracelets – my daughter is going to be making a TON of these, I’m sure!  I love that it doesn’t require a lot of supplies, and I can even recycle some old magazines!


From, a very simple craft that can then be turned into a game that can be played (and played and played some more)… magnetic fishing game craft!

From BHG, check out these adorable lightbulb sheep – so stinkin’ cute, and you aren’t really limited to just sheep… birds, dogs, cats… the only limit is your child’s imagination! There are actually 20 Easter crafts to make – check them out by scrolling through the pictures.


And from Martha Stewart, a project that includes some learning AND long-term fun!  Eggshell flowerpots – a perfect after-Easter activity!


Bug Theme Party and Easy Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

Bugs are popular with the younger set… it’s just a fact.  Both boys AND girls love the buggy themes – gross, “icky” bugs for boys… and sweet ladybugs and butterflies for girls!  For your next kiddo (or adult!) party, check out all the buggy ideas and inspiration!

Let’s start with the GIRLS!  Here is a fab tutorial for making cute ladybug party decorations, from the  These are really easy to make!:

One of the BEST ladybug party posts I’ve seen can be found at bee in our bonnet;  make sure you click through to it for wonderful lady bug party pictures and inspiration.  My favorite, FAVORITE idea from this post?  These adorable ladybug pretzels made using colored candy melts found at every craft store in the baking aisle.:

I mentioned butterflies, didn’t I?  Well, if you are planning a butterfly theme party, you need to check out this tutorial for making butterfly cupcake toppers.  A-DOR-ABLE!  Everything needed to make these can be found at craft stores.  (don’t forget to print out a coupon when purchasing the butterfly punch.)

And now.. for the BOYS!  I found a ton of links and inspirations for “icky” bug party theme ideas.  This corn dog centipede was one of my favorites.  Check out the Hungry Happenings blog to get details on how to make these:

From Creative Juice, a tutorial on making bug party favor sticks AND skewer stand FOR the favor sticks.  They also show how to make a DIY cake pop stand (used her for the party sticks) by covering floral foam with decorative paper.  I do this all the time!

From Oh Goodie Designs, check out the “best bug party EVER” post, with tons and tons of photos for bug party inspiration.  I can’t quite decide on a favorite idea, but if I HAD to pick, it would probably be the worm holes and ants-on-a-stick goodies.  CUTE, CUTE!

And you simply can’t have a BUG party without a DIRT cake!  Check out this post from Cookie Mondays, about her son’s Bug Party in the Park.  FABULOUS fun ideas, and a yummy (?) looking Dirt-N-Worms Cake!