Teen Birthday Ideas

We talk a lot about adults… and little ones… but rarely do I post about the tweens/teens!  Today… we’ll fix that with some great ideas and inspiration!

First up, from Kara’s Party Ideas… a teen girl birthday party, with a Bunco theme!


Another fabulous idea for this time of year… a teen pool party!  Check out the gallery of awesome pics from the Hostess blog… with a Hawaiian theme:


For the fashionista party, how about edibleNail Polish Bites .. from luuux.com:  You will not believe how easy it is to make these – marshmallows, frosting and tootsie rolls!


From Lollipops and Paper, check out the fab Glow in the Dark Sweet 16 party:  In a bit of self-promotion, Diva Entertains is now offering Glow In The Dark Grippy Socks!


From Because Love is a Lifestyle, an entire DIY party… with homemade pizza, crafts and cake!  A great party doesn’t have to be a LOT of work…. just lots of fun!



21st Birthday Party Ideas

21st birthdays are usually full of energy and a tiny (cough) bit of craziness, and I found some cute ideas and inspiration for making the event FAB!

From Pretty My party, a super cute idea playing off the “99 bottles of beer on the wall song”… 21 Pink Bottles of Beer on the Wall (and there is a LOT more to the post, so be sure to click on through!)

Looking for a fab 21st birthday cake? Check out the AMAZING.. AMAzING.. Vegas Gambling Cake, from Sandy’s Cakes (and while you are there, click around on her other posts – you will be stunned!  Her archive is on the right side of the blog):


For an incredibly classy and elegant party idea, check out the Chanel Themed 21st birthday party from Celebrations At Home:


And from Dormify, a DIY post on how to make a 21st Birthday Bouquet… using a plastic sand bucket, some bedazzling, and.. well, mini bottles of alcohol.


Theme Thursday – Boys’ Birthday Ideas – BIG trucks!

I’ve shared some great ideas recently for GIRLS birthdays… it’s time the boys had a chance!  There are lots of great party ideas out there, but I thought I’d stick with the construction, big machines, bright colors ideas for today.

From Kara’s Party Ideas, a Construction Truck Themed 1st Birthday.  There are some SERIOUSLY awesome ideas and inspiration in this post!!


From the Hostess blog, a great gallery of ideas with Trucks as the birthday party theme.  Make sure your scroll to see all 13 pictures!

From I.D. Mommy, a DIY Monster Truck party… with great ideas for invitations, activities, and decor!  Her tutorial for the cake, is FAB… AND easy!


And we can’t forget FIRE Trucks as a great party theme.  Check out this Fire Truck Birthday post on the Hostess blog:

Planning on having a truck birthday cake?  Turn to Google.com/Images for inspiration.  Simply type “truck birthday cake” in the search box.  Or you can be very specific such as “fire truck birthday cake” or “monster truck birthday cake”.



Theme Thursday – Blue and White

It’s time for another Theme Thursday, and today I’ve chosen blue and white themes… these colors together make a wonderful backdrop for winter weddings and events.

From Bentley Meeker comes an incredible display of blue and white.  I especially love the trees as decor.  If you want LOTS of eye-candy, you have to spend some time on their site.

From Blissique, a BEAUTIFUL blue and white bridal shower, with some fab ideas for decorating and favors.  I love the little bits of blue surrounded by white.  So lovely and easy to do!  Perfect for a blue and white baby shower too!


How about decorating with branches?  They make such a fabulous touch, and they really aren’t that hard to make!  Check out Save-On-Crafts for the tutorial:

And finally, from the Hostess blog, check out this FAB gallery of Winter Wonderland in blues and whites.  Included in the post are several links to DIY tutorials, so you can re-create a look like this for YOUR event.

Thursday Theme – GOLD

Oh my… do I have some LUSCIOUS photos to share today.  We all know gold goes with weddings like cookies go with milk – it’s really hard to have one without the other!  I have found some incredible GOLDEN inspirations for you.

From BBJ Linen comes a small but FAB gallery of gold wedding ideas.  Check out this sheer gold set-up.  Isn’t it amazing how a little thing such as chair bows make such a big impact?  Diva Entertains offers similar ones HERE.

From once wed, just look at this milk and honey (aka gold) wedding tablescape:

Gold wedding cake, anyone?  From Brides.com and America’s Most Beautiful Cakes: There are 25 beautiful cakes to scroll through.  Not all are gold, but all are *fabulous*!

For a completely unique bouquet, go with a gold brooch and floral bouquet!  From wedding chicks.com, a couple of ideas on how to pull it off:

From 100 Layer Cake, a DIY post about how to make colored mason jars for centerpieces – and in this case GOLD mason jars!  Such an inexpensive way to beautifully decorate.

And from Martha Stewart, a DIY on creating the perfect gold-toned guest book table:

Fun Cakes For Kids

Today’s post is just for kids… or parents of kids… or the kids at heart.  I have been “collecting” fun (and incredible) cake ideas for kid parties, and thought I’d share a few with you.

First, from Bird on A Cake – a timely Frankenstein cake/tutorial.  You’ll also want to check out all her cake decorating tutorials – you’ll love her creations!

Now, this next one is labeled as a Groom’s Cake, from Cake Balls… but it could just as easily be a kids’ sports cake too! My guess is that she made chocolate truffles and dipped them in different colored candy coating to make the sports ball. Oreo Truffle Balls would work great for these!

I just LOVE this next cake.. and the tutorial that goes with it!  From Bronnie Bakes, a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake.   You can make your own marshmallow fondant that is easy to work with and taste great!

From Gluesticks, another great tutorial… this time how to make a Cheeseburger Cake.  LOVE it!  She uses marshmallow fondant too!

And finally, from Picture Perfect Cakes… I couldn’t pass up sharing this lego cake picture , since I have two lego obsessed boys in my house.  They would LOVE this cake… but might have a hard time letting me cut it up to eat!

Have you made a fun kids’ cake lately?  Let us know… we’d love to hear about it!

Dinosaur Theme Birthday Parties

I don’t know ANY little boy who doesn’t dream about dinosaurs at some point.  Dream about, talk about, read books about… you get the idea.  Dinosaurs are just one of those serious obsessions for the 10 and under male crowd.  (And occasionally the 10 and up crowd too, for that matter!)

So, for all the mommies out there who need some help with the next Dinosaur Birthday party, this post is for YOU!

First, from the See Kate Sew, check out the photos from her son’s 1st birthday party.  We can’t all sew like Kate, but we COULD create a party with some of these fabulous ideas…and there is a link to the wonderful “RAWR” poster in blue -grey or orange-blue !

From the Hostess blog, check out all the fab photos, AND the ideas and party detail links at the bottom of the post.  Rawr Your World… rocks mine!

From Kara’s Party Ideas, an Orange and Green Dinosaur Birthday party – again, great photos and a list of details and info for how they styled it:

I just love this cute idea for having a Dinosaur Egg Hunt, from Wants and Wishes.  You HAVE to click over to see the photos AND the how-to on making your OWN dinosaur eggs.

AND, winning the award for CUTEST idea for today, is this Dino-Mite birthday party, from Pizzazzerie.  All the details are at the end of the post, INCLUDING the link to directions on how to make those adorable dinosaur tails!

Sock Monkey Parties

One of my favorite “baby” themes is the SOCK MONKEY.  I see parties and ideas for these sweet monkeys all the time… they make a perfect background for a baby shower… OR a 1st birthday party. Here are some great ideas incorporating the lovable monkies!

First, check out this adorable 1st birthday party for little Jackson… from Peas and Thank you… I LOVE the sock monkey decoration on the high chair!  A MUST for those 1st birthday cake mashes!

Another 1st birthday, this time from Chikabug… this post is FULL… FULL of fab sock monkey photos and inspiration.  She also offers inexpensive sock monkey printables (shown in the photos when you click through. Make sure you read through because Chikabug shares her sources for party components!

From Kara’s Party Ideas, an incredible post with even MORE sock monkey ideas… I love this sock monkey cupcakes cake!  Her cake is beautiful too.  For more cake ideas – go to google.com/images and type in “sock monkey cake”.  Print out the ones you like for you to make or to give to your bakery.  You can also type in “sock monkey cupcakes” for images.

From Craftzine.com, a FAB DIY tutorial on how to make a sock monkey party hat:

And finally, a fun post on how to make sock monkey cookies… or how to FIX your sock monkey cookies, even!  From our favorite, Sweet Sugar Belle…Sock Monkey Cookie Cutters (head only or full body) can be found online.

Vegas Theme Party

My 40th  birthday is coming up, and I conveniently live in Las Vegas, so planning a FABulous 40th birthday getaway weekend for my friends is easy-peasy.  They all come TO me, and we enjoy the Vegas strip!  But, I realize not everyone is so lucky to live in a destination-location.  SO, how about a Vegas THEME party post?

First, from the Hostess blog, check out this INCREDIBLE Vegas themed party.  So many great ideas!! Make sure your read the post in detail because it is bursting with creative ideas (many which can be done EASILY with a computer and printer).  Also fab playing card cookies that even I could make!  At the end of her post she lists her sources such as Shindigz.com – a great source for affordable party supplies.


Check out this quick (4 minute) video from HGTV about hosting a grand, Bellagio party theme.  Granted, the budget for throwing this type of party is beyond most of us (and then some) – but towards the end the creative and relatively inexpensive way to make glass decorations is *fabulous*.


The next two photos are incredible themed Las Vegas Cakes.  If you want LOTS of inspiration, go to Google.com/Images and type in “Vegas Cakes”.  Then – if you see one (or a few) that you’d like at your party, print out a picture(s) and take it to your bakery! From Musings from Cakeland, check out the wonderful Vegas theme birthday cake:


And another fab cake from My Sweethearts Bakery:

Cute, cute dice favor boxes – DIY – from Bells, Bouquets, and Galveston Bay! Inexpensive and easy to replicate.


And last, but not least, we have some super fun, super yummy Las Vegas cookies for sale in the Diva Entertains shop.  Perfect for favors… or desserts!


Summer Cake and Summer Dessert Recipes & Ideas

I am SO excited about today’s post.  I had a LOT of fun (and a few helpers) when I went looking for summertime desserts and summertime cake ideas.  My kids all voted for the following links and tutorials as their favorites!

First, from Make and Takes, a delish Watermelon “Pie” recipe.  Simple to make but oh-so-much fun!:

And sticking with a watermelon theme for just a minute, check out these adorable (and yummy looking) watermelon cupcakes, from Bakingdom: She used black sugar pearls as the seeds but they aren’t readily available so I would use mini chocolate chips!

From Family Fun, you HAVE to see this Towering Sandcastle Cake recipe!  I think this one was voted TOP recipe by all THREE of my kids. (Probably because we live in the desert, and playing with sand is something they just imagine and dream about).  And yes – you can make it!  Read through the instructions and you’ll see how EASY it is to make!

For you fondant lovers, I have a sweet, sweet cake recipe from Sweetapolita.  Click to read all about the Rainbow Doodle Birthday cake!  She takes you through step-by-step instructions on how to make a rainbow cake but I’m sharing these tips to make it *way* easier if you aren’t a master baker (the cake is easy – the buttercream is delicious but a bit of work!). 1) If you don’t want to make a fancy buttercream frosting than use any frosting you are comfortable making or purchase canned frosting; I won’t tell if you won’t. (but…if you’ve never made a real buttercream you may want to try her recipe.  It’s fabulous!) 2) You can purchase fondant at most craft stores as well as many bakeres (including supermarket bakeries) are happy to sell you some.  Just ask! 3). Edible ink pens are available in the baking section of craft stores.

And finally, from The Two Savvy Sisters, an adorable recipe for a Caterpillar Cupcake… cake.  Very simple to put together… but would have a HUGE wow factor with kiddos at a party!

What are YOUR ideas for summertime party desserts and cakes?