Chocolate Silk Tux Pie with Scrumptious Nut Crust

This may be my husband’s all-time favorite dessert.  I created it for Passover, when Jews don’t eat products with leavening (so no flour crusts).  But my husband far prefers this chocolate silk pie with the nut crust.  You can easily pour the filling into a pre-baked pie crust or a graham cracker crust.

This easy chocolate pie is a snap to make.  The filling is rich and luscious.  Keys to success?  There’s really only one.  And that’s when adding the beaten eggs to the hot chocolate mixture you only add a teeny bit at a time to slowly bring down the temperature of the chocolate filling.  Otherwise you are going to have little bits of scrambled eggs in it.  Believe me when I say I learned the hard way:)

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