Ballet and Ballerina Inspired Party Ideas

We have talked about ballerina parties before (HERE), but I don’t think we could ever have too much tulle and ribbon around here.  I found some fun new additions to ballet and ballerina inspired parties… and I have some featured items from the Diva Entertains shop too!  Here are some random ballet inspired ideas…

First, from pinterest (because I can’t find the original source), a super cute idea for forks at the ballerina party place settings:



From Kate Landers Events, a seriously AMAZING post about a Nutcracker Suite party.  Did I say amazing?

Get FABULOUS ballet slipper cookies from our Diva Entertains shop:


I also fell in love with these ballet cupcakes from Cute Food.  Although there isn’t a tutorial the comments under the post hints at how they can be decorated.  Personally I would print a picture of it and take it to my supermarket bakery and ask if they could recreate them – I do this all the time!how to make ballet tutu cupcakes

Another fun decor idea, again from pinterest (and I can’t find the original source on this one either, but it’s too cute to not share)… I don’t think this would be too difficult with some poster board and tulle and ribbon!

And how about some white chocolate covered oreos, with a gorgeous ballet design… from the Diva Entertains shop:


Homemade Pretty Cakes!

It’s time for another edition of DIY Pretty Cakes!  There are such fabulous tutorials out there, and I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve found today!

From Polka Dot Bride, a DIY Rustic Ombre cake!  These are REALLY popular right now, and there’s an entire post telling you how to make a pretty cake!



From I am Baker, a post chock-full of help – video tutorials, images, and links to MORE tutorials!  Check out this AMAZING Neapolitan Rose Cake!!



From the Hungry Housewife, how to make an ombre cake… LOVE the look of this one!  Video and step-by-step can be found on her site!  This is way easier than you would think!


And these are cupcakes, but they are so pretty, I had to share!  From Life Is Sweets, a tutorial for making Flower Bouquet Cupcakes:


4th of July Cupcakes

red white and blue cupcakes

These super fun 4th of July Cupcakes come from Jennifer at NotYourMommasCookie blog.  These aren’t hard – just a bit time consuming.  Her are some tips that will help with this recipe:

  1. Note that this recipe makes 10-12 cupcakes.   If you want to make more just use 2 packages of cake mix.
  2. When filling the cupcake pans, it helps to have someone ‘hold’ the star while you gently add the rest of the batter to the liner.
  3. If you don’t have a pastry tip – no worries! Just cut end off the pastry bag and start frosting!

4th of July dessert recipepatriotic cupcakes

Tea and Cupcakes

Today’s post was inspired by one of our recent customers, Kimberly.  Here is what she had to say about the party planning:

I found the perfect invitation for what I had in mind (Tea & Cupcakes), you’ll see it attached and was looking for a decoration theme that would tie it in together.  That’s where your cupcake sticker came into the scene.  It was perfect.  It was a cupcake.  It was pink and brown and I loved that I was able to personalize it.  The sticker was used to put on the back of the shower favors which happen to be cookie cutters in the shape of the letters that spell LOVE.  Once I had the cupcake sticker in mind I was able to pull everything else together, the colors were pink and brown, as well as what decorations I had.  I was even able to find a similar cupcake to your sticker in the form of a wall decal (great website call Wall Monkeys) large sized that we put on the wall.  The cupcakes I ordered from the bakery were brown with pink frosting as well…the rest of the deserts we made ourselves.

Thanks to Kimberly for these pictures of the Tea & Cupcakes shower that she hosted for her sister.  Didn’t she do a FAB job?!



Want to learn how to decorate your swirl cupcakes like a pro?  Follow this tutorial from Lora Lee Lewis.

Springtime Cookies and Cupcakes

I don’t know about you, but once Valentine’s Day is over, I start dreaming about and planning for SPRING!  I also start feeling like trying something new and making fun projects with my kids.  It’s probably a “getting past winter” surge or something.  Anyway, I thought I’d start collecting some fun spring cookie recipes and tutorials for cookies(cupcakes too!). And of course, I’m sharing them with YOU!

From Martha Stewart, Spring Cupcakes with Sugared Flowers… oh yes!  Make sure you click through the links in the post to learn how to make sugar flowers (so easy!).

From my favorite cookie maker, Sweet Sugar Belle… check out these Sweet Little Lamb Cookies.  This is actually a guest post on her site from Marian of Sweetopia.  Both Sugar Belle and Sweetopia write the best tutorials, and they really make me believe I can do this!


Found these adorable Spring Flower Cupcake Cones on an OC blog… love the idea, and I can think of lots of variations for using the cones as flower pots! She gives step by step instructions and photos on how to make flower cupcakes.

Check out the super cute Spring Cookies from Pink Little Cake, using fondant instead of icing… I KNOW I can do these!

Aren’t you in the mood for SPRING now??


And we have a couple more customer photos for you today from Tanya showing off zebra party bags and more!  Love her pink zebra top – she looks so fab!

Theme Thursday – My Little Pony Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again… all three of my children have birthdays in the next several weeks, so I’m in busy (crazy) planning mode.  My daughter can’t decide on a theme, so I’m rounding up ideas and more ideas to (hopefully) help her finalize the plans!  Today’s post includes all the fun “My Little Pony” ideas I’ve found!  Just in case you don’t know… the key to a My Little Pony party? RAINBOWS….and MORE Rainbows!

From Life with Moore Babies, a lovely post about her daughter’s My Little Pony party.  LOTS of great ideas for decorations, food, and favors!


From Munchkin Munchies, Rainbow Cake Pops – perfect for My Little Pony parties! How cool are these ? (wait ’til you click through and see the tutorial and finished products)

From Maddycakes Muse, a FAB My Little Pony party post with super ideas on decor, favors, games and more!

From The Travelling Chaplins, a simple but lovely My Little Pony party.  And I especially love the rainbow covered “4” cake; what a great idea to make an M&M rainbow!

This is probably WAY more work than I might do for a party favor…. but, if you were so inclined, you could make PLUSH My Little Pony dolls, with this Tutorial/Video from
Oh Sew Geeky:




Even More Halloween Party Planning!

We’ve already talked about Halloween Party Planning HERE… and HERE… but there are just SO MANY great ideas out there, we are talking about it again!  Are you ready for some fabulous inspiration?  Here we go!

From Better Homes and Gardens, a BUNCH of great Halloween cake ideas.  All easy to do, and fun for all ages! Make sure you scroll through ALL 18 Halloween cake pictures!

If there weren’t enough cake decorating ideas in the last post, check out this one from the Cooking Channel…. a detailed how to make a SPIDER cake!

Looking for a wreath for your front door?  Check out this one from all things simple.  Her original DIY post is for a red wreath, but you can easily use orange to make it, and add the spider, as shown below. Her tutorial is “How to make a Halloween Wreath 101”:)

And for some ADORABLE party favor/treats, visit How Does She for a tutorial on making these Halloween Cookie Pops:  She gives step-by-step instructions on how to make oreo cookie sucker pops that I’m sure you’ll use again and again depending on the holiday or event. has a post with 21 different favor and Halloween game ideas for your next Halloween party.  Here is one of my favorites:

And finally, from Cookies and Cups, check out this DIY tutorial for making Witches Broom Cupcakes.  Wait til you see how the broom is made – *genius*!

We may have ONE more Halloween post coming next week… Until then… BOO!

Fab Cupcakes, Stands and More!

We’re talking about CUPCAKES today!  Cupcakes stands, cupcake bling, cupcake boxes… all cupcake love right here!

Starting off with some cupcake bling, check out these amazing cupcakes from Do It Yourself Weddings.  Easy to do yourself with cupcake wrappers and rhinestones bought at your local craft store (I also purchase self-stick rhinestones from Amazon quite frequently).

And these cupcakes in teacups WITH bling… and note the use of a wine glass as a cupcake stand, from Brenda’s Wedding Blog. I think for my next party I will serve a cupcake in a wineglass, sitting on a some whipped cream – wouldn’t that look FAB!

Speaking of stands, check out the individual cupcake stands we offer in the Diva Entertains shop:

And here is a photo from one of our lovely customers, with a “bling-ed out” cupcake stand she designed:

Did you know you can purchase edible “bling” to put on top of your cupcakes?  Not only GLAM to look, at but oh-so-fun to eat too!  Check out some incredible samples from Ridwana Hannan  – courtesy of Asian Wedding Ideas blog.  Most craft store sells the edible dragees shown below (also known as pearls).  For a large selection of colors and size Global Art Sugar is a good online source.

And another one, with edible cameos surrounded by edible pearls:

And this gorgeous example of using bling on cupcakes, from Just Call Me Martha… she has some other lovely cupcakes and cookies too!

We talked briefly about display earlier with the cake stands… how about cake boxes?  These can be accentuated with more pearls or rings bling for a fab look:


Tiffany & Co Inspired Parties

There is not much that says DIVA and CLASSIC and like a Tiffany & Co themed event.  Bridal shower, birthday party, and even baby shower – the iconic Tiffany blue creates a stunning look.  We have talked about it before HERE… and I have even more inspiration to share with you today, and some fabulous new Tiffany products in the Diva Entertains shop!

The Tiffany inspired party is centered around two things – the Tiffany blue.. and the Tiffany box with white ribbon.   Oh, actually.. THREE things – the Tiffany blue, the Tiffany box with white ribbon, and BLING!  So, thinking about those three things I’ve got cakes, cookies, favors and more…

From Valerie Elizabeth Confections comes a fab cake inspiration – box with ribbon cake.. AND cupcakes (and see the bling?)

Check out this amazing cupcake stand, created for a Sweet 16 Tiffany party, from Life in Wonderland/Hatter and Hare events.  You can see some adorable photos from the party in THIS POST.


I’m not sure anything screams DIVA more than Tiffany Blue AND Zebra together… check out this party from Smarty Had a Party.  At the end of the post are the “styling notes” to help design your own similar event.

A few great photos from a 30th birthday party, from Coast to Coast weddings:

To find LOTS more fab inspiration, go to and type in:

  • Tiffany Box Cake
  • Tiffany Cupcakes
  • Tiffany Blue Decorations

and other term that you are interested in!

And we are so excited to share some of our fab favors from the Diva Entertains shop!  First, BRAND NEW in the shop, a fully assembled Tiffany Favor Box:

Also new to the shop, our Tiffany Lottery Ticket Holders, with wrap-around ribbon, and Tiffany Cookie Pops:

And remember the bling?  We have that too!  Diamond confetti can be found HERE… and Diamond Ring Favors can be found HERE.

You can see ALL the Diva Entertains Tiffany favors HERE.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Families are choosing SUCH fun ways to celebrate the birth of a new baby, and if you haven’t heard, Gender Reveal Parties are the hottest new way!  Invite your friends and family, ask folks to choose a “team” (team pink or team blue), and see which team wins!  Here are some fun inspiration posts to help you plan…

From the Hostess Blog, a “Girl vs. Boy Gender Reveal” party, with lots of pink AND blue: so many great ideas! She also includes a how to link for making Gender Reveal Paper Lanterns from Oh Happy Day!

From Colour Her Hope, a very unique idea…a Mustache and Bows gender reveal party.  There are some great quick tips, including how to add a touch of color to cupcakes (for the big reveal):

From SweetBabyCakes, some cute Blue and Pink Owl cupcakes… just love this look!

This isn’t a party idea, but it could be incorporated into one!  From Radiant Bliss, a fun gender reveal photoshoot; click to see the balloons come out (pink or blue, obviously!):

From Project Nursery, a photo gallery full of STUNNING photos from a beautiful baby gender reveal party.  I love the soft yellow with white and gray… gorgeous!  And makes the final reveal color all that much more spectactular!

And finally, one more cupcake idea for you from Half Baked – I love the question mark on these gender reveal cupcakes!  The post is short (and sweet), but it shows just how easy these would be to make! Oh how I *love* this!