Tuesday Trends – Subway Art

What exactly is “subway art”.  Well, the original “subway art” began with graffiti artists in the New York Subways over two decades ago.  In the last 25 years, it has evolved in a variety of ways, mostly with the use of fonts to make unique up decor and wall art. In case you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, I’ve got an example, and I know you’ll agree with me that it’s been one of the hottest “trends” in decorating in the last couple of years.

An example – vinyl wall sayings subway art in wall decal form, from Design Divas on etsy.  Bonus – they are inexpensive!:

But, the great thing about this kind of art expression is that it’s not JUST for posters or wall art anymore!  Check out some of the great digital invitations I found with one quick search.  All are beautiful, unique & affordable!

From emmiecakes on etsy, a baptism invite:

From Proffitt Productions, fabulous western invitations:

From the Wedding Chicks, FREE printable wedding invitations:

From Modern Day Moms, an example of  sweet pink digitatal baby shower invitations:

And from Wed Loft, a gorgeous wedding invite: