Fabulous Fun Friday – DIY Fab

One of the topics I hope to write about a LOT in the near future is DIY… or Do It Yourself.  In fact, we are hard at work on a new “division” of Diva Entertains, called DIY DIVA.  I’ll have more info about that coming soon, but for today, I thought I’d share some super fab Friday DIY projects I found thanks to Pinterest.

(Yes, I’m quickly becoming a Pinterest addict).

(Aren’t you?)

Fast and Fabulous DIY  Decor Wall Art, from Crafts and Coffee

Ruler Wall Mirror, from Design Sponge

Silverware Silhouettes, from California Callahans

Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art, from All Things Thrifty

Seriously, how FAB are these DIY projects?


Fabulous Fun Friday… from Diva Entertains

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be MANY “Fabulous Fun Friday” posts here at Diva Entertains.  It’s the kind of post where you’ll never know what I might find, but you can be SURE it will be FABULOUS… and FUN.

For my first FFF post, I want to talk a bit about Pinterest.  If you aren’t already a member over at the “pinning” site, you need to click on over and check it out.  But, be forewarned – you are likely to lose HOURS out of your weekend if you DO .

I’ve heard it described a lot of different ways, but one of my favorites is “eye-candy inspiration”.  It is basically a hundred thousand (maybe million!) “virtual bulletin boards” with lovely photos, DIY projects, recipes to drool over, creative ideas to try… oh, and so much more.

You can set up your own personal boards, and then your task (if you choose to accept it) is to add pins to these boards.  Check out the Diva Entertains Pinterest boards, if you want to see a few boards and pins in action.

So, how about a little visual motivation?  Here is a shot of the “Centerpieces and More” board I created:

centerpieces and flowers pinterest board screen shot

Isn’t that just lovely and inspiring? Each one of those images is a clickable “pin” on my Pinterest page, that will lead me to the original blog or website from which it came.

SO, I can click on the links, read more about the centerpieces, see more photos, check for tutorials or other ideas… and find more blogs to bookmark! (Because I really need more blogs to read, don’t you?)

And looks at some of the pins I added to the Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies and More board:

cakes cupcakes and cookies pinterest board screen shoot

Makes me want to take a cake decorating class… RIGHT NOW!

So… my final word for the day?  Pinterest = FABULOUS FUN


What do you think?  Have you checked it out already?  Do you have a Pinterest page?  Please leave a link in the comments if you do; I definitely want to see it!