Baby Shower DIY

Oh, I’m so excited… today I have lots and LOTS of great DIY Baby Shower ideas for you.  From favors to decorations to fabulous gifts…

First, from Ashley Ann Photography, an adorable DIY project – a note jar, perfect for storing advice and notes for the baby and mom-to-be.  You will have to scroll half-way down the post to see her instructions, but take your time scrolling, as she offers some others great tips for decorating!

From Martha Stewart, a very simple AND cute way to decorate for a kid-friendly Monkey Baby Shower:

From Bump Smitten, a lovely DIY tutorial for how to make flower pomander balls – such an elegant decoration for any kind of shower:  You’ll be surprised just how easy these are to make with just a few low cost purchases from your local craft store (make sure you use coupons!).

From LilSugar, downloadable “Wishes for Baby”, which can be an easy “game” for a baby shower Download and print, and let guests fill out these sweet notes and wishes for the baby!

And I promised a DIY gift idea, didn’t I?  From Alan and Steph, check out this FAB DIY baby shower gift – 12 onsies – one for each month of the first year.  She includes a printable file and instructions for how to make this sweet gift!  We promise it is easy and so adorable – a truly wonderful gift!

And one last one – a Burp Cloth Lollipop, from White Satin Ribbon – so, so cute!  Of course you can use washclothes or diapers too!

Flower Girl Dresses and Accessories

It’s wedding season.. which means so many beautiful ideas for a story-book wedding day.  I was noticing the other day (while browsing pinterest, of course), that there are SO MANY lovely dresses and accessories for flower girls these days.  Tulle, ruffles, sparkle… enough to make the littlest girl in the room feel as beautiful as the bride!  Check out some of what I found!

I was drawn to this post on One Fine Day because of the photo I found below… but you simply must go see the rest of the collection of flower girl dresses.  So much adorable-ness!

And going along with THAT post, check out Everything But The Princess… a shop FULL of gorgeous and fun designs for your flower girl (or your 5 year old daughter Martha… oh wait, that’s me!)  Have you ever seen so many raspberry ruffles??

I mentioned accessories, right?  Check out this FAB Flower Girl Bouquet/Wand, from Petal in Pear Boutique.  What a fun idea, and so gorgeous!

And for the DIY’ers, I have a fun tutorial from Martha Stewart Weddings.  Flower PARASOLS for the flower girl… I love that it’s something she can take home from the special day and use again and again.

What kind of Flower Girl dresses and accessories are you seeing this wedding season?  We’d love for you to share!

Spring Flower Cookies

I realized last night that my daughter and I haven’t made any spring COOKIES lately.  You know I had to google and pinterest search for some fun ideas! Here are the results of my search for the perfect Spring Cookie!

From BHG, a very easy sugar cookie idea:  Roll a dough ball in colored sugar. Snip it in half with scissors, then snip each half into three petals. Gently spread the petals apart and lay flat.

Also from BHG, another sugar cookie recipe… for Springtime Flowers:

From Sweet Tooth, a great tutorial for making Flower Pot Cookies:

And finally, from my favorite cookie maker, Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle… gorgeous poppies:

Are you doing any spring baking?  Share your recipes and ideas with us!


Fruit Salad in a Watermelon Boat Extraordinaire!

And I’m busy, busy sleeping IN, going to the park, hanging out in the sunshine, making fun crafts, and taking naps with my kids.  Because of that, posts will be a bit shorter this week, BUT they will all be devoted to ideas for all YOUR last minute Easter fun!

Today’s quick link?  A super fab Flower Watermelon Basket Garden, from

How are YOU keeping busy during Spring Break this year?

Thrifty Thursday – Paper Flower Tutorial

I promised it yesterday, and here I am with a THRIFTY THURSDAY post!

It’s the post each week in which I show you how to make something fabulous, creative, and elegant… for very little money (and occasionally little effort).

Ok, I’ll be honest.

I might not always be the one to SHOW you… but I can certainly LEAD you to a tutorial that WILL show you.  I’m helpful like that!

Today’s DIY Paper Flowers tutorial comes from one of my favorite blogs, titled simply, MADE.

I can promise this won’t be the last time I post a tutorial from Dana’s lovely blog.  I don’t know which I like more – her writing or her photography – and I bookmark blog posts regularly.

So, today!  I’m going to share with you a favorite – simple and elegant and easy.

Wallflowers… made from paper napkins.  Like tissue paper flowers, but with some durability.

Dana’s tutorial shows you various ways to create these lovely handmade paper flowers.


And spiky…

And more!  You’ll feel like you are back in elementary school again, only your end product will be so much more fabulous!

Check out Dana’s tutorial, and let me know what you think?