Spring Break Activities for Kids

I know a lot of folks (kids) are already enjoying spring break, and many (kids) are looking forward to next week, so they can relax and enjoy a bit of time off.  As a parent of three such kiddos, I have been doing some searching for fun spring break activities, that won’t break the bank… and that won’t cause TOO big of a mess! (Because really, I don’t want to be cleaning up messes on our week OFF).  Sharing what I’ve found so far…

From SheKnows.com, a great post with four craft project ideas… but I especially like this yarn butterfly DIY project.  They are all easy and fun spring break activities!


From The 36th Avenue, a tutorial on how to make paper bead bracelets – my daughter is going to be making a TON of these, I’m sure!  I love that it doesn’t require a lot of supplies, and I can even recycle some old magazines!


From Parents.com, a very simple craft that can then be turned into a game that can be played (and played and played some more)… magnetic fishing game craft!

From BHG, check out these adorable lightbulb sheep – so stinkin’ cute, and you aren’t really limited to just sheep… birds, dogs, cats… the only limit is your child’s imagination! There are actually 20 Easter crafts to make – check them out by scrolling through the pictures.


And from Martha Stewart, a project that includes some learning AND long-term fun!  Eggshell flowerpots – a perfect after-Easter activity!


DIY Wedding Arbors

If I had it to do over again, I think I would include an arbor as decoration for my wedding… either as a backdrop for the wedding itself or for the reception.  I have found some lovely, lovely arbor decorations and ideas lately… and today I’m sharing!

First up, from Rustic Wedding Chic, several photos of flower decorated arbors.  I absolutely adore the birch arbor with yellows, peaches, and reds – what a lovely combination!

I found the next arbor on BridalGuide.com, and while it’s not exactly a 1-2-3 how-to, it does have a great description of what was done to create this fabulous look.

And this isn’t exactly an “arbor”, but it is a FAB idea… a gorgeous petal backdrop, perfect for either wedding or reception.  The link will take you to a message board on weddingbee.com, and as a bonus, there are some additional DIY instructions for OTHER petal projects!

On Green Wedding Shoes, I found a gorgeous photo of an arbor decorated with poms… so, so pretty!

And to help you make your OWN poms, I found this great DIY Fabric Pom Pom tutorial from OnceWed.com:

These would be great for weddings… AND other events like baby showers.  Ooohhh…I can just picture a baby shower arbor in my mind, can’t you?

MORE DIY Flowers…

If you’ve been reading long here at Diva Entertains, you know we like DIY Flower tutorial posts.  You can read one HERE.. and HERE… and HERE

And more today!

First up, from Martha Stewart, Cupcake Paper Flowers!

And another Cupcake Liner Flower tutorial, from Intimate Weddings: They provide terrific step-by-step instructions with photos!

These adorable ric-rac flowers are actually for hair-clips, BUT I think they could be used as floral centerpieces in a variety of ways.  Another great step-by-step tutorial.  And although it shows the use of a sewing machine – fabric glue might work too!  From Oh For Sweetness Sake:

From Style Me Pretty, a lovely DIY Flower Bracelet… that, again, could be used in a variety of ways.  It’s a great tutorial for how to attach flowers (faux or real) to wire stems!

And finally, from Once Wed, an incredibly FAB flower favor box.  I know this is a little outside the realm of “just flowers”, but I couldn’t pass up sharing the lovey tutorial.  It includes the free template for the box as well as instructions (with pics) on how to make and assemble it – beautiful!:

And once again, you can read our OTHER Flower DIY posts HERE.. and HERE… and HERE

Fun Summer Cookies

It’s been at least a week or two since I featured cookies, and you know how much I LOVE to show off fun cookies.  Today, I thought I’d spotlight some summer themed designs.

From Whisk This,  super easy AND cute watermelon cookies… even *I* could make these!  You’ll just need some food coloring for the pink, green and black.  Although we think mini chocolate chips would make great ‘seeds’ too!

From Family Fun, a cute cookie for the beach or ocean theme party… oyster pearl cookies! Most any round cookie will do but if can one with a bit of a design like the ones below – all the better!


From Amy Atlas, a FAAAAAAB summer cookie tutorial… with lemon and lime slices, and even a glass of lemonade…cookie style!


Now, this next post from Sweetopia is for the die-hard cookie decorators out there… it has some sweet summer cookie inspiration for the novices, and GREAT, GREAT tips on avoiding spots on icing.


And finally, from Glorious Treats… a lovely DIY on designing Hibiscus Flower cookies. Perfect for the summer Hawaii theme party!

Diva DIY – More Paper Flowers!

It’s been awhile since I last posted about DIY Paper Flowers.  I personally never tire of looking for new and unique ways to make paper flowers, so I always have plenty of fun tutorials to share.

First up today, from A Little Hut, a lovely mini flower tutorial that would make a perfect gift topper or favor topper.

From The Broke Ass Bride, comes a great tutorial (courtesy of A Good Affair) for paper rosettes.  SO many uses for these… from table decorations to wall decor..and more!


From Santa Barbara Wedding Blog, a super simple, but elegant how to make paper roses tutorial:

And finally, a very unique paper flower from Folding Trees.  These are Japanese kusudama, and I can’t wait to try making some of them!  Please note that the link above takes you to Part 1 of the tutorial.  At the end of Part 1 is the link to Part 2!

May Day Inspiration

I’m sure you’ve noticed in recent posts that I’ve been OVER THE TOP about flowers and spring.  I just can’t help it.  And you can expect more… like today!  As April starts to wind down (already!), it’s time to start thinking about May Day and Mother’s Day!  Now, I know May Day is traditionally more for “kids”, but as I was looking at gorgeous May Day bouquets, I realized what great inspiration they would be for a spring bridal or baby shower… or a Mother’s Day tea.  So, are you ready for more flowers??  (Even if you aren’t, here they come…)

First up, from A Bit of Sunshine, an absolutely lovely tutorial on making Fancy Felt Baskets for May Day.  These would ALSO be good for centerpieces at a shower, or even gifts for party guests.

A very simple and shabby-chic-esque idea comes from Martha Stewart.  Simple cans made into May Day baskets:

I just have to share one for the kids… I can’t help it. From Rage Against the Minivan, a great tutorial for making cone baskets… again, these could be embellished and made into lovely centerpiece bouquets!

And finally… one more “shabby chic” idea.. from Patina White.  Peat pots turned into LOVELY baskets for May Day… or any day!

How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Quick post today, but FULL of potential for you!

MarthaStewart.com has a series of posts and tutorials for DIY paper flowers that is a must-see.

CLICK HERE to see the slideshow and links to how-tos.


Daisies, Carnations, Dahlias, Mums… and MORE!  Click HERE to get started