Bridal Shower Games

We talked about Bridal Shower Tea Parties yesterday… and I thought it would be fun to share links to a few Bridal Shower games.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve had times when I squirmed and groaned during “party games”, but if they are done well, these can actually be an enjoyable part of any shower. And of course they can also be used for Bachelorette parties!

At Project Wedding, I found a great list of “How Well Do You Know the Bride” questions.  You can copy and paste these to a Word doc, and print on pretty paper, and you have an instant game!  To make your task even more simple, I created two free bridal shower game printables for you to use.  These are designed so you can print two sheets per 8.5×11 size paper.  Just add your questions to the Word doc, print, and you are ready to go!

Click HERE for the floral paper.   Click HERE for the hearts paper.

Martha Stewart has 14 unique ideas for bridal shower games.  Check out this simple guessing game, using photos of the brideBut make sure you scroll through the 14 ideas she shares – were sure you’ll find several great bridal shower game ideas that are perfect for your shower!

And a cute “icebreaker” type game is “Who Am I”?  Again, from Martha, a simple game that helps guests get to know one another.

And finally, how about a BINGO game?  Check out the simple instructions here for bridal shower bingo!: