Coconut Peach Cake – So Divine!

fresh peach cake

If you are looking for a show stopping summer dessert, this coconut peach cake is for you! A bit of work but worth it.  And to make it a bit easier, but still so delicious, you can dress up the cake with coconut that hasn’t been toasted (it will make a gorgeous white cake).

Recipe and photo courtesy of Bon Appetit magazine.

Fresh Or Frozen Peach Pie

peach pie using frozen peaches

Why is this pie from the Food Network do darn great?  First and foremost – it has to do with the spices.  It includes cinnamon, cardamon and allspice which lends incredible taste without overpowering (these are the same spices I use when I make an apple pie).  Second, you can use fresh or frozen peaches in the pie.  Gotta love that!

Recipes & Photo Courtesy of the Food Network.