Fresh Or Frozen Peach Pie

peach pie using frozen peaches

Why is this pie from the Food Network do darn great?  First and foremost – it has to do with the spices.  It includes cinnamon, cardamon and allspice which lends incredible taste without overpowering (these are the same spices I use when I make an apple pie).  Second, you can use fresh or frozen peaches in the pie.  Gotta love that!

Recipes & Photo Courtesy of the Food Network.

Frozen Chocolate Peanut Butter Bananas with Almonds

frozen chocolate bananas

These will definitely be *the best* frozen chocolate bananas you’ve ever had thanks to the addition of peanut butter to the chocolate dip and than a good roll in almond pieces.  The recipe, from Laura Rucker’s Got Chocolate Blog, is easy enough for kids to make.   You simply melt a bit of peanut butter with the chocolate until blended and smooth.  Dip the banana in it, then sprinkle with almonds or your choice of nuts.

Laura’s asked me to send our readers to her site for the actual recipe so please click here for the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pops Recipe.

Thanks, Laura!

Peach Blueberry Tart Recipe – Divine!

blueberry peach pie

This incredibly delicious peach blueberry tart has fast become one of my favorite dessert recipes!  You can use frozen fruit or fresh so that it can be made and shared at any time of the year.  If using frozen, do make sure you thaw the fruit prior to putting together.  The first time I made it I overlooked the directions that said to use ‘thawed’ and although still delicious, the fruit needed a bit more cooking.

This recipe and photo comes from the Oct/Nov. 1012 issue of Taste of Home (mine looks almost as good as theirs!).  Easier than a peach blueberry pie because you simply pat the crust into the tart pan, it is every bit as good.

Easy Ice Cream Desserts

I can’t believe we haven’t talked much about ice cream and HOT WEATHER desserts this summer?!  It’s totally time to fix that, isn’t it?  Today’s post is full of delish and easy ice cream desserts!

First, from Martha Stewart, check out the very easy, very yummy homemade ice cream “cones”!  Perfect for serving ice cream, sorbet, sherbet… or even berries and cream!

Are you throwing an ice cream sundae party!  Well, you have to check out these adorable DIY “fortune-teller” paper holders for all your sundae toppings! And here’s the step-by-step “how to”:

Ok, so this isn’t exactly ice cream, but they ARE cold and they ARE sweet, so I had to include the post… Frozen Banana Pops, from Jamie Cooks It Up!  Great tutorial, and kid-friendly!


For those that might prefer frozen yogurt,  a very simple creamy blackberry frozen yogurt recipe, from kitchen corners:

The summer (and an ice cream post) wouldn’t be complete without ice cream sandwiches!  Check out this quick and easy, yummy recipe for Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert, from  To make it really easy buy cookies – opt for soft and chewy ones that won’t break too easily