Mermaid Party Ideas

Today’s theme is perfect for summer time and ocean and beaches…. MERMAID birthday party ideas!

From Meaningful Mama, some DIY mermaid party ideas.

Inside her post there is a link to a Mermaid Menu – don’t miss it if you are look for mermaid party food!


From Catch My Party, an INCREDIBLE display of mermaid goodness – scroll through all the photos!


A GORGEOUS mermaid party from Amy Atlas blog – love, love the colors in this one!!  Her sources are at the bottom of her post!


From Enchanted Events and Design, another fab mermaid party theme.  Love the jelly fish ideas!! And they had 3 mermaid games and activities.


From Oh Happy Day, a Barbie Mermaid party.  The female guests received mermaid costumes, and the boy guests received pirate gear!  SMART!


And from chickabug, a great DIY tutorial for making an easy barnacle backdrop!!


Despicable Me Party Ideas

“Despicable Me 2” is our family’s new FAVORITE movie, so I just had to do a search for party ideas!  Check out what I found – lots of minion love out there!!

From One Lucky Pickle, a super cute idea for making Minions with twinkies and fondant! You could also frost with blue frosting instead of using fondant.



From Fabulously Smitten, a great party post – love the dollar store cups turned into minions!  (I told you lots of minion love out there!)  Read through the posts for some great ideas!



From Create, Celebrate, Explore…. a SERIES of posts on Despicable Me Party ideas! (see the links at the end of the post for tutorials).  Check out the first post HERE!



And from Plucky Momo, a tutorial on making a Minion Bowling game, Pin the Goggles game… and more!!



If you haven’t seen Despicable Me 2, I highly recommend it.  My kids LOVED it, and I did too – I might have even laughed more than they did!


Minecraft Birthdays

My boys… well, actually all THREE of my children.. are obsessed with the online computer game, Minecraft.  I have to admit I don’t get it.  It’s a game filled with pixelated boxes of all kinds, with enemies and friends, and you do a lot (A LOT) of building.  They try to explain it to me, but I just hear a lot of buzzing noises as they chatter on.  BUT… the important news is that this is such a popular theme that I have some fabulous ideas for Minecraft birthday parties!

From Crafty Ingredients, a party post for Minecraft Lovers.  LOVE the desert table, (and her comments mirror my feelings regarding the game of Minecraft).


From Keitha’s chaos, a post FULL of Minecraft birthday ideas:




From Partylicious, a FAB Minecraft party post!  There is an incredible amount of detail in this post – you need to check out ALL her photos!


And from By Hook & Thread, another AMAZING Minecraft party post.  Creeper juice is AWESOME (or at least my kids would think so!)

C creeper juice

Theme Thursday – My Little Pony Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again… all three of my children have birthdays in the next several weeks, so I’m in busy (crazy) planning mode.  My daughter can’t decide on a theme, so I’m rounding up ideas and more ideas to (hopefully) help her finalize the plans!  Today’s post includes all the fun “My Little Pony” ideas I’ve found!  Just in case you don’t know… the key to a My Little Pony party? RAINBOWS….and MORE Rainbows!

From Life with Moore Babies, a lovely post about her daughter’s My Little Pony party.  LOTS of great ideas for decorations, food, and favors!


From Munchkin Munchies, Rainbow Cake Pops – perfect for My Little Pony parties! How cool are these ? (wait ’til you click through and see the tutorial and finished products)

From Maddycakes Muse, a FAB My Little Pony party post with super ideas on decor, favors, games and more!

From The Travelling Chaplins, a simple but lovely My Little Pony party.  And I especially love the rainbow covered “4” cake; what a great idea to make an M&M rainbow!

This is probably WAY more work than I might do for a party favor…. but, if you were so inclined, you could make PLUSH My Little Pony dolls, with this Tutorial/Video from
Oh Sew Geeky:




Thursday Theme – Star Wars

For the next several weeks, I’ll be doing specific theme party posts.. for kids AND adults, mostly for birthdays, but occasionally for weddings too.  How’s that for NOT specific?!  Just trying to keep my options open!

Today’s fun theme is STAR WARS!  I have two boys – almost 8 and almost 11 – and every year when January hits, it’s time for me to start birthday party plans.  BOTH boys (and their daddy) are huge star wars fans.. and it’s inevitable we’ll have SOME kind of Wookie or Jedi  involved in a party.

Kara’s Party Ideas has a FABULOUS post full of Star Wars birthday party ideas, so it’s a great place to start.  And I love all the Star Wars party food and little touches – FUN!

I found a great DIY tutorial for making light saber Star Wars invitations, from Party Ideas By A Pro.  When you click through scroll down for more super fun Star Wars food and desserts!

Another fab post, FULL of great Star Wars party ideas is from Amanda’s Parties to Go:  (be sure to check out the adorable “jedi training” photos!)  She shares lots of fun ideas for Star Wars party games

Make and Takes has even more ideas, WITH links and DIY tips for putting on a star wars party.  My boys would kill for the Death Star Pinata!

And finally… because we love Yoda, I had to include this photo of a Yoda pizza from gearfuse. How fun is this?!

Super Bowl Party Planning

My husband doesn’t watch a ton of sports overall, but he IS a huge football fan.  And this year, his team (go Broncos!) clinched the division title and are the top seeded team in the playoffs, which means… well, I have no idea what it means EXACTLY, but I do know it made my husband happy, and this put his team just that much closer to the elusive Super Bowl game.  (First they have to get through the play-off games.. this much I DO know, because he just told me so today).

So, in the expectation.. hope.. possibility of his team making it to the BIG game, I started making some plans for a Super Bowl party food (because to be a great party it has to have great food!!

First, from Make Merry, check out this awesome tutorial for making football whoopie pies.  And here’s a whoopie pie recipe from Bobby Flay with the wonderful marshmallow creme filling!

Rust and Sunshine has some GREAT ideas for throwing a super bowl party… I especially like the simple touch with the diy silverware caddies.  SO easy, and a great addition to the table or buffet.  Her football cupcakes look easy to duplicate and she even has some super bowl party games for kids.

For a yummy goodie for kids.. and BIG kids alike.. check out the football rice krispies from

Check out the fun super bowl spread put together by Shelbi Rene:

And finally.. we LOVE nachos in our house, and so when I saw these nacho CUPCAKES by Sweet Simple Stuff… I knew I’d have to make them for the big day!  She provides a step-by-step photo tutorial. You just know these are going to be a hit!

Arrghh, Matey! Pirate Party for Boys And Girls

Pirates NEVER go out of style, it seems, and these days both boys AND girls are getting into pirate-themed parties (“princess & pirate parties” are huge).  I have some great inspiration for you today if your kids are wanting to make their guests walk the plank!

First, from the Amy Atlas blog, a great pirate ship themed dessert table, with ideas for a pirate party bunting, cupcake toppers and more!

From the Hostess blog, a very traditional black and red and white pirate-theme party.  LOVE these pirate marshmallow pops.  For $35 you can purchase the download to create much of this party:

From our favorite cookie maker Sweet Sugar Belle, a tutorial for how to make pirate cookies:

From Kara’s Party Ideas, a fab post full of photo inspiration for styling a Captain Hook Pirate Party:

And just look at these amazing photos of a beautiful GIRL pirate birthday party, from B. Couture Photography… love the pink tulle mixed with PIRATES!

If you are REALLY ambitious, you can read about how to make a REAL LIFE “walk the plank” accessory for your party.  From Kammy’s Korner, check out this DIY project:

Are you ready for some pirate fun?

Rainbow Theme Party Ideas

Colors, colors everywhere! I’ve got some great party inspirations and DIY’s for you today… all involving RAINBOWS!  Seriously, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow party – talk about bright and fun!

From Glorious Treats, an incredible Rainbow AND Race car theme party… such a cute set-up and fun way to incorporate two birthdays in one.  Just can’t go wrong with primary colors for kiddos!  Here rainbow cookies are beautiful (she includes a link to her recipe).

From Icing Designs, a fab DIY Rainbow wand your child and her guests can make as party favors!  Love these!

From Enchanted Mommy, an incredible M&M rainbow cake, with instructions on how it was made… I know even *I* could make this!  So, so cute and original…

For a super fun and rainbow colorful backdrop (for photos), check out this balloon wall from Mom*tog

This next link is to a photo gallery of a rainbow dessert table and candy buffet… the photos are AMAZING.. I just couldn’t pass up linking to Boutique Affairs  Wouldn’t this be perfect for a rainbow birthday party theme?

And finally, from Pizzazzerie, an Over the Rainbow party, with so many lovely ideas!

And from our own Diva Entertains shop, rainbow cookies!!  The adorable cookies are HUGE, and are sure to be a hit at your rainbow party!

Halloween Party Planning

It’s that time of year!  The weather begins to cool, the children go back to school… and the Halloween party planning begins!  My kids are talking their costumes and are thinking about witches and ghouls and zombies… and I’m thinking butterflies and action heroes.  We may have some heated discussions before we are through!

Anyway! I have some great Halloween party ideas for you today, and I will follow up next week with some more.  Ready??  Here we go!

First, from the Hostess blog, a STUNNING Black Cat Ball – such a beautiful, glamorous FUN way to celebrate a kids or adult Halloween party.  As always, scroll through the amazing photos, get inspired by the styling, and check out the credits and details at the end for tips on how to do something similar.

From Anders Ruff, an incredibly GLAM Halloween party collection – all downloadable/printable – makes party planning EASY!  These are not free Halloween printables, but they are inexpensive and I thought they were worth sharing!

How about some specific tutorials for Halloween party food?  From The Girl Who Ate Everything, some incredibly fun (and easy) DRACULA DENTURES.  My boys LOVE this idea!

From our favorite cookie maker, Sugar Belle, comes a unique idea… Pumpkin Pops, made SUPER easy with suckers and icing!

Better Homes and Gardens has a series of great Halloween party games for kids but I think some are great for adults too.  I think this “Guess How Many Candy Corn” may be my favorite one, just for ease of putting together and ease of “playing the game”.

And Martha’s Stewart’s “Pop The Balloon” Game is sweet perfection – easy to set up, and FUN for the kiddos!

There are SO many, many ideas out there, I may just have to write a second (or third) post about Halloween party planning!  Are YOU getting ready for a Halloween event?  We’d love to hear about it!

Camping Parties

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about Glam-ping Parties – which are a combination of GLAM and CAMPING… you can read THAT post HERE.  Today’s post is strictly CAMPING.  Not much glam, but lots of fun (for boys AND girls).

From And Everything Sweet, you have to check out this backyard birthday camping party… complete with individual tents and camp sites.  There is a tiny bit of glam in this party (oops, sorry!), mostly because it’s a girl’s camping playdate… but there is plenty to ooh and ahh over in camping style.  Check out her easy S’mores Pops!

Moore Minutes shares a “Classic Boy” camping party.  I love, love all the detail in this post – from her “setting the scene” to menu planning.. to the dessert bar.  LOTS of inspiration and ideas! Check out her great camping birthday cake!

From the Hostess Blog comes “Camp Luke”, a camping inspired birthday party.  You will not believe all the details in the photos… and be sure to scroll to the end for tips and specifics about how the party was themed.  Wait til you see the camp cookies – beautiful!

And finally, from MaryJanes and Galoshes, and very rustic looking (and FAB looking) camping party.  The post is FULL of details and how-tos… and stunning photos too!