Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s almost here… June 16th this year is Father’s Day, and there is still time to make some fantastic gifts for Dad, Grandpa, and even the Uncles!

From Crafty Texas Girls, a FAB tutorial in using chalk art to create the perfect photo for a Father’s Day gift.  Scroll through to the very end and they’ll explain how they framed it for $7!


From Lovely Indeed, an incredible apron sewing tutorial – for the Manly Man apron!  I love this idea, although I’m not sure of my capabilities with the sewing machine.  One thought to adapt this one – buy a plain white apron to decorate!


From Curated by Kelly, an easy canvas art Father’s Day craft you can do with the kids:


And this one is my favorite DIY Father’s Day gift idea, only because I KNOW my husband would LOVE, LOVE this gift from his kids.  A custom “car play shirt” from The Blue Basket is a gift that keeps on giving, because every time he wears it, it’s fun AND he gets another “car” massage! Click through for the tutorial!


DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

I won’t be with my mother on Mother’s Day (she is a couple of states away), BUT I know many people will get to enjoy the special day with their mother.  In that spirit, I found some lovely project for homemade Mother’s Day Gifts for May 12th.

From By Wilma, a very, VERY easy DIYpainted bottle... these could be used for accents around the home, and/or vases for a lovely floral arrangement for Grandma:


Check out the cute DIY Fabric Frame tutorial by Sada Lewis, on the u-create blog… perfect for Mom or Grandma’s fridge! Step-by-step photos!

Fabric Frame Tutorial - Gallery Wall

Another photo-inspired gift from BHG – Glass containers with photos (super, super simple)!  And be sure to click through the rest of the slideshow for 15 other photo gift ideas!

And for a relaxing gift for Mom or Grandma, check out the Tub Teas DIY from Martha Stewart (I might make a few of these for myself for Mother’s Day!)  Do you have a local tea store where you can buy supplies?


Do YOU have Mother’s Day Gift ideas?  We’d love to hear about them.. leave us a comment or send us an email!


DIY Christmas Ornaments

It’s that time of year – holiday DIY time AND Christmas tree trimming time!  I’ve got some great tutorials for homemade FAB Christmas ornaments, that you can keep OR give away as gifts!

First, from A Petite Cottage, some amazing (and oh, so DIVA) leopard print ornaments – I love the variations she made, but all with the leopard print material.  LOVE that she made them  from some recycled items like a leopard print skirt from the thrift store, some old ornaments and some vintage buttons and button covers.

From Life and Other Shenanigans comes a pretty quick and easy DIY “squiggle” ornament, using puff paint!  I can imagine this in all shades of color and puffiness. These would be great Christmas ornaments to make with kids!

From Sweet Something Designs, a great tutorial how to make glitter ornaments!  She calls it “UpCycling” – gotta love that!

From Mother Rising, a very simple, yet elegant idea for using feathers inside ornaments.  I love the peacock feather ornament!

And from Do It Yourself Divas, a gorgeous DIY Pearl Ornament tutorial: (so easy!)