Princess Parties…with a twist!

Yes, I’m still planning a Princess Birthday Party (Fairy Ballerina Princess, to be exact)… and yes, I’m still on the lookout for fabulous Princess party ideas.  A couple of weeks ago, I found a really fun “Princess and the Pea” party, and that started me off on a path of “quirky” Princess parties… or Princess Parties with a twist!

Click HERE to check out the super fab Princess and the Pea party, found the Hostessblog.  Make sure you scroll down to read all of the party details so that you can recreate it!

One of the newer Disney Princesses is Tiana… from the Princess and the Frog.  Now, I know she is a DISNEY princess, after all… but I think the movie was unique and the concept of a Tiana Princess and the Frog party is unique too!  Check out the wonderful write-up about a baking party with this Princess/Frog theme, from Kara’s Party Ideas.  She even includes tutorials on how to make the fabulous flower poms and cupcake liner poms she features.  Easy, inexpensive and fabulous!

Obviously, this is a really good idea… I found another absolutely GORGEOUS party write-up about another Princess and the Frog party.  This one has a “bayou-esque” feel to it (according to the party hostess), and I am just in love with the decorations, the cake… well, all of it… from Kiki’s List:

And.. one more party with a twist… a LEOPARD Princess Party.  From A to Zebra Celebrations, a party with leopard and princess combined!  This party had it all – cookies, cupcakes, dipped strawberries, embellished favors (to take home), spa favors… and so much more!  Once again – scroll down to the end of the page to see how it is done!

Our Leopard Print Favor Boxes would have gone perfectly with the Leopard Princess party!

So totally Princess… (and Diva!)… with a twist!