Super Bowl Party Planning

My husband doesn’t watch a ton of sports overall, but he IS a huge football fan.  And this year, his team (go Broncos!) clinched the division title and are the top seeded team in the playoffs, which means… well, I have no idea what it means EXACTLY, but I do know it made my husband happy, and this put his team just that much closer to the elusive Super Bowl game.  (First they have to get through the play-off games.. this much I DO know, because he just told me so today).

So, in the expectation.. hope.. possibility of his team making it to the BIG game, I started making some plans for a Super Bowl party food (because to be a great party it has to have great food!!

First, from Make Merry, check out this awesome tutorial for making football whoopie pies.  And here’s a whoopie pie recipe from Bobby Flay with the wonderful marshmallow creme filling!

Rust and Sunshine has some GREAT ideas for throwing a super bowl party… I especially like the simple touch with the diy silverware caddies.  SO easy, and a great addition to the table or buffet.  Her football cupcakes look easy to duplicate and she even has some super bowl party games for kids.

For a yummy goodie for kids.. and BIG kids alike.. check out the football rice krispies from

Check out the fun super bowl spread put together by Shelbi Rene:

And finally.. we LOVE nachos in our house, and so when I saw these nacho CUPCAKES by Sweet Simple Stuff… I knew I’d have to make them for the big day!  She provides a step-by-step photo tutorial. You just know these are going to be a hit!

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Are you planning something special for Mother’s Day this year?  It’s just 13 short days away, and I’ve got some great ideas for you today, to help make Mother’s Day Breakfast or Brunch DIVA FAB!!

First up, an insanely easy (this recipe uses sandwich bread) yet wonderful recipe from Martha Stewart, a fun bacon, egg, and toast cup recipe.  Perfect for breakfast in bed for Mama, OR on a buffet for a brunch!

One Hungry Mama has done ALL the Mother’s Day Brunch planning work for you, with a Spinach and Cheese Strata, Salad AND Dessert recipe all ready to go.  The strata is prepared the night before and baked the morning of!  It will fast become a favorite brunch recipe of yours!

Speaking of dessert, I ran across a lovely idea for cupcakes – a cupcake bouquet!  Now, this is doubly perfect for Mother’s Day, because not only is a dessert, but it’s FLOWERS for Mom too!  From Edible Moments, check out the DIY Rose Cupcake bouquet.  Do NOT worry about frosting it the way she does – any way you frost the cupcakes will look great (especially topped with sprinkles or decorator sugar).  And…if you really want to make it EASY – purchase the cupcakes from your supermarket and then just assemble the bouquet (toothpicks and green tissue paper are needed).

And in case you want to make it slightly easier on yourself with JUST cupcakes and toppers, check out these adorable Mother’s Day cupcake toppers, from TomKat studio.  Scroll down to the end of her post for the free printables!

So, what are YOU planning for Mother’s Day?  We’d love to hear about it!