Shoes, Shoes and MORE Shoes!

One of our most FAVORITE kind of Diva… is the SHOE Diva!  We have an entire section in the Diva Entertains shop JUST for shoe favors, and we love to cater to the fancy, glam whims of our shoe divas, however we can.  I was surfing blogs the other night (as I do almost EVERY night), and I found some fun shoe-themed inspiration that I just had to share.

First, from Then I Got To Thinking, check out the fab shower thrown for a true SHOE DIVA.  Great ideas for favors and gifts in this post!

I have seen some incredible cake designs, but I’m not sure there are many that can top THIS shoe birthday cake, from Elite Cake Designs.  Wouldn’t you love to serve this at your shoe theme party?

I do have to say that this shoe cake designed by Truly Custom Cakery, found on Cakes Decor, could give it a run for it’s money:

Did you know you can find MORE fabulous cake ideas if you do a search using It’s a fun way to find a cake design that might work for your event.  Type in “stiletto cake”  or “high heel cake”, and see what comes up!

Now, you know we can’t forget the brand new, up and coming shoe divas either!  Check out this “Baby Shoe Shower” post on Anders Ruff.  Not QUITE the glam shoe.. yet!  But, a girl has to start somewhere, right? The baby show cookies are absolutely adorable!

As I mentioned earlier, we like to cater to our shoe diva friends.  Here are a few of the items you’ll find in the Diva Entertains shop, if you are looking to plan a shoe-themed party:

Stiletto Favor Boxes | Stiletto Candy WrappersStiletto Cake Toppers
Shoe Cookies | Stiletto Mini Votives | Stiletto Shoe Wine Stoppers

And did you know we even offer stiletto invitations?  These can be customized specifically for your event!

Are you ready to slip on some heels… and party a night away??



Millionaires Shortbread

So I’m guessing these are known as millionaire shortbread because they are so decadently rich!  The base is rich, buttery shortbread then topped with a caramel-like filling and topped with a luscious layer of chocolate ganache.

I first heard of this caramel shortbread when browsing through the cookbook “Baked: New Frontiers in Baking” but the recipe was a tad fussy so I streamlined it a bit.  Further – I wanted a more decadent chocolate layer to top these bars so I swapped out theirs with my favorite.  Don’t be put off if the instructions look long – I’ve just put a lot of  detail in them.

Some also refer to these as dulce de leche bars.  It doesn’t matter what you call them – they are fantastic no matter what the name:)

To see all of Diva Entertains’ delicious bar cookies, please Click Here.

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