NEON Party Theme – Theme Thursday

Did you know NEON is a very popular theme for parties these days?  It probably is the whole “bring back the 70’s” trend that we are seeing… but no matter the reason, NEON is fun and popular.  Here are some great neon party ideas for planning your next bash!

From You are My Fave, some very sweet (and easy) Neon Party Favors.  Click through for a terrific, step-by-step photo tutorial!

From Hey Look, check out the INCREDIBLE Neon and White styled party... white is the perfect color to pair with neon, and this party shows.

Check out the fabulous party gallery on Catch My Party… a neon themed party using DUCT TAPE.  More white and neon!  And of course, peace signs! Make sure when you click through that you then click on the larger picture – that automatically scrolls all 12 pictures.  This is a great party theme for teenagers!

From The Hostess Blog, a stunning Neon theme Bridal shower… I just love, love, LOVE the styling on this one!  So many wonderful little touches to this post – it will spur so many ideas for you!

From Design Sponge, a Neon styled wedding… some great ideas and tips for adding neon to YOUR wedding or event.

And one more DIY project... a Neon Party Garland, from Madigan Made.  Easy, bright, colorful!  Perfect!

Retro Party Ideas for Girls

Everything “old” is new again!  Nothing new under the sun!  That’s our theme this week, as we explore “Retro” party and shower ideas! Today, we’ve got some fun dessert and retro themes.

First, from The Sweetest Occasion, a sweet and adorable Retro Cherry Party.  SO many great ideas, especially if your little ones likes cherries!

Nothing says “Retro” like Tie-Dye.  Check out this great article on hosting a Tie Dye party, from

And I couldn’t help but share this adorable peace sign, tie-dye cake, from Sophia’s Cake Creations.  Great inspiration!

Along with tie-dye… we’ve got to have some neon and glow in the dark! A party theme that is becoming popular with the younger (and teen) set is the Glow In The Dark slumber party… check out the inspiration from Kara’s Party Blog!  There are so many glow in the dark accessories you can purchase these days, from bracelets to cups to paint!

What kind of retro ideas do YOU have?  We’d love to hear about them!