Double Chocolate Cream Pie – TOTALLY DIVINE!

homemade chocolate pie

I recently started subscribing to Oprah’s magazine and I absolutely love it!  Great articles AND great recipes.  Like this double chocolate cream pie.  It starts off with a delicious pastry crust that’s easy to make.  Follow that with a layer of chocolate pie filling (think pudding but better) that is absolutely dreamy.  Top if off with a billowy chocolate whipped cream and you know you’ve got a winner!

If the recipe seems like too much work (although it truly is worth it) here are some shortcuts you can take:

  • You can use a frozen pie crust and just pre-baked it as directed.
  • You can use chocolate whipped topping in the tub for the topping.

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Decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pie

peanut butter pudding dessert

This rich chocolate peanut butter dessert is over-the-top delicious!  With an easy homemade pudding recipe that just takes moments to make.  And although I made it with a homemade pie crust next time I’ll use a graham cracker crust.  So much easier and it will taste just as good (maybe even better)!

This recipe was based off one found in a Saveur magazine but I forgot to add the whipped cream to both puddings to lighten it.  What a fortuitous mistake!  So much richer this way.



Peach Blueberry Tart Recipe – Divine!

blueberry peach pie

This incredibly delicious peach blueberry tart has fast become one of my favorite dessert recipes!  You can use frozen fruit or fresh so that it can be made and shared at any time of the year.  If using frozen, do make sure you thaw the fruit prior to putting together.  The first time I made it I overlooked the directions that said to use ‘thawed’ and although still delicious, the fruit needed a bit more cooking.

This recipe and photo comes from the Oct/Nov. 1012 issue of Taste of Home (mine looks almost as good as theirs!).  Easier than a peach blueberry pie because you simply pat the crust into the tart pan, it is every bit as good.

Pi Day, 2012

Did you know that tomorrow, March 14, 2012 is “Pi Day”?  What exactly IS Pi Day?  Well, I googled a definition and found this:

“Pi, Greek letter (π), is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th. Pi = 3.1415926535…”

Blink… blink.  Ok, then!  Honestly, I’m not ever going to be accused of being a math enthusiast… but I do like PIE… so in honor of “pi” day, let’s chat about PIE, shall we?

From Quick Dish, a great tutorial on making mini peach pie in a jar!  Perfect for a shower or party dessert!

An absolutely GORGEOUS triple berry pie recipe from Instructables, with detailed instructions on how to make a decorative pie crust like this:

I found a great tutorial series on, for making decorative pie crusts.  The series was technically written for Thanksgiving, but definitely works for pi…er… pie day!

For a non-traditional, but YUMMY looking pie, check out the Family Kitchen… and her S’mores pie:

And last (but not least), check out this recipe from Country Living, for MINI cherry pies.  I think these would be perfect come summertime for an afternoon/evening barbeque.

So glad those math enthusiasts came up with PI day, aren’t you?