Vegas Theme Party

My 40th  birthday is coming up, and I conveniently live in Las Vegas, so planning a FABulous 40th birthday getaway weekend for my friends is easy-peasy.  They all come TO me, and we enjoy the Vegas strip!  But, I realize not everyone is so lucky to live in a destination-location.  SO, how about a Vegas THEME party post?

First, from the Hostess blog, check out this INCREDIBLE Vegas themed party.  So many great ideas!! Make sure your read the post in detail because it is bursting with creative ideas (many which can be done EASILY with a computer and printer).  Also fab playing card cookies that even I could make!  At the end of her post she lists her sources such as – a great source for affordable party supplies.


Check out this quick (4 minute) video from HGTV about hosting a grand, Bellagio party theme.  Granted, the budget for throwing this type of party is beyond most of us (and then some) – but towards the end the creative and relatively inexpensive way to make glass decorations is *fabulous*.


The next two photos are incredible themed Las Vegas Cakes.  If you want LOTS of inspiration, go to and type in “Vegas Cakes”.  Then – if you see one (or a few) that you’d like at your party, print out a picture(s) and take it to your bakery! From Musings from Cakeland, check out the wonderful Vegas theme birthday cake:


And another fab cake from My Sweethearts Bakery:

Cute, cute dice favor boxes – DIY – from Bells, Bouquets, and Galveston Bay! Inexpensive and easy to replicate.


And last, but not least, we have some super fun, super yummy Las Vegas cookies for sale in the Diva Entertains shop.  Perfect for favors… or desserts!