The Best Monkey Bread Recipe (IMHO)

best monkey bread recipe

If you’ve never had Monkey Bread you are in for a treat.  It is ooey-gooey and oh-so-delicious.  And ridiculously easy.  The ONLY problem with this recipe from the Pioneer Woman is that it is so darn hard to stop eating it!

Recipe and Photo Courtesy of Pioneer Woman.  For her wonderful photos and step-by-step instructions – click here.

Homemade Pretty Cakes!

It’s time for another edition of DIY Pretty Cakes!  There are such fabulous tutorials out there, and I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve found today!

From Polka Dot Bride, a DIY Rustic Ombre cake!  These are REALLY popular right now, and there’s an entire post telling you how to make a pretty cake!



From I am Baker, a post chock-full of help – video tutorials, images, and links to MORE tutorials!  Check out this AMAZING Neapolitan Rose Cake!!



From the Hungry Housewife, how to make an ombre cake… LOVE the look of this one!  Video and step-by-step can be found on her site!  This is way easier than you would think!


And these are cupcakes, but they are so pretty, I had to share!  From Life Is Sweets, a tutorial for making Flower Bouquet Cupcakes:


Cake Decorating Tutorials, Fun AND Simple

Have you always wanted to make simple cakes for birthday parties, but felt like it was too difficult to make something cute and fun?  Well, we found a great birthday cake decorating video for you to check out, from Sweet Art Factory.  The cake she decorated in the video would probably work best for a gir’s party, although I bet if you did it with camo or blues/greens frosting, it would work well for a boy’s party as well.  Check it out:


Another fabulous cake decorating tutorial is a Shabby Chic Rose cake:


Here’s an beautiful way to decorate a sheet cake – you won’t believe it til you see it!

Here’s a fun rainbow cake! Not a lot of time involved but big impact!

Here’s a great short simple cake decorating video that shows how to frost a cake so the sides and tops are smooth. Then add these great billowy decorations!


One Bite Strawberry Desserts

light summer dessert recipe

These delicious mascarpone filled strawberries are the perfect ending to a summer meal or as offering on a dessert buffet.  This terrific and *easy* recipe comes to you via my good friend Liz at The Skinny Chick Can Bake blog.  Please check her blog out and sign up for her posts; you’ll be glad you did!

Now back to these wonderful one bite desserts.  Mascarpone is similar to cream cheese but a bit sweeter and richer (oh my – how wonderful is that!).  The only other ingredients is a bit of sugar, cream and vanilla.  And the strawberries of course!


Another Diva-licious Giveaway!

We are having so much fun doing online giveaways that we’ve decided to make it a more regular feature!  And today… we are excited to be offering this *FAB* Entertaining at Home book……

You can read about it HERE

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Thrifty Thursday – Paper Flower Tutorial

I promised it yesterday, and here I am with a THRIFTY THURSDAY post!

It’s the post each week in which I show you how to make something fabulous, creative, and elegant… for very little money (and occasionally little effort).

Ok, I’ll be honest.

I might not always be the one to SHOW you… but I can certainly LEAD you to a tutorial that WILL show you.  I’m helpful like that!

Today’s DIY Paper Flowers tutorial comes from one of my favorite blogs, titled simply, MADE.

I can promise this won’t be the last time I post a tutorial from Dana’s lovely blog.  I don’t know which I like more – her writing or her photography – and I bookmark blog posts regularly.

So, today!  I’m going to share with you a favorite – simple and elegant and easy.

Wallflowers… made from paper napkins.  Like tissue paper flowers, but with some durability.

Dana’s tutorial shows you various ways to create these lovely handmade paper flowers.


And spiky…

And more!  You’ll feel like you are back in elementary school again, only your end product will be so much more fabulous!

Check out Dana’s tutorial, and let me know what you think?