Fab Friday FREE Printables – Monkey Tags

After writing the post about Monkey Parties (HERE), I decided we needed to offer a free monkey printable today.  But, I couldn’t just do one – I had to do TWO!  One for boy parties, and one for girl parties.  They are generic without text, so you can use them for baby showers, birthdays, or whatever you can think up!



These monkey printable tags are designed at 2.5 inch round, and I set them up to come 12 to a sheet.  The downloads are in a PDF format file.  Just download, print, and then cut.  (We recommend a circle punch, like THIS ONE, but scissors work too!  Punches are lost cost and once you have one you’ll find zillions of reasons to use it)

You can punch a hole and add tags to your party favors with string or ribbon… or use the design as a cupcake topper.  If you decide to print them on STICKER paper, these will make great seals for favor bags or boxes.



And if you’d like  CUSTOM party favor tags, you can click HERE to order tags personalized and customized for your event!  We’ll customize, print, and ship them right to you!

DIY Puppet Theater Time!

My kids LOVE puppets!  They turn stuffed animals into puppets, they make sock puppets, and my middle son is the king of paper puppets.  (If it can be made with construction paper, glue sticks, and tape… he’s made it!)  Well, I got to thinking how fun it might be to create a birthday party around puppets, including a puppet theater for the kids to use.  You KNOW I found some great ideas for how to construct them, and here they are…

From Molly Moo, a cute shoebox finger puppet theater… love this for the little ones!


From Tip Junkie, a super simple, but FAB idea for using a project display board and turning it into a Puppet Theater.  We are definitely making one of these for our house!



Something we haven’t done, but will be doing soon… shadow puppets!  Check out this tutorial for making a Shadow Puppet Theater, from inner child fun: So easy and so fun!


If you are SUPER ambitious, here is an amazing tutorial for making a wooden tabletop puppet theater, from Prudent Baby:



And in case you don’t want to make one of your own, here is a great idea from Cool Spaces for Kids on etsy… a doorway puppet theater!