Back to School DIY

As much as I hate to say it, summer is almost over… and that means back to school, routines, homework, and carpools.  I’m not sure who is more sad – me more or my children.  The only thing making me feel slightly better is the back to school shopping (I love NEW notebooks and pens!), and the fun ideas I found for Back to School DIY.

Today’s post will focus on the children, and accessories for school.  I’ll write another one next week with Back to School gifts for your teachers.

From Making the World Cuter, a fun tutorial for Personalized Pencil boxes!


A more feminine and shabby chic style of the pencil holders would be these adorable knotted pencil pouches, from see kate sew:


And check out these notebook decals, from the Lot 26 Studio.  You could use any kind of decal really, but the butterflies are lovely!


Everyone knows that you HAVE to take photos on the first day of school.  Check out the Back to School Photo Prop/Frame tutorial, from Crissy’s Crafts:


And this last link isn’t really THAT back to school related, but it IS Shark Week… so I had to share this fab tutorial for making a Shark Purse, from a beautiful mess!  I know there are some teens out there who use one of these on the first day of school!!



Cake Decorating Tutorials, Fun AND Simple

Have you always wanted to make simple cakes for birthday parties, but felt like it was too difficult to make something cute and fun?  Well, we found a great birthday cake decorating video for you to check out, from Sweet Art Factory.  The cake she decorated in the video would probably work best for a gir’s party, although I bet if you did it with camo or blues/greens frosting, it would work well for a boy’s party as well.  Check it out:


Another fabulous cake decorating tutorial is a Shabby Chic Rose cake:


Here’s an beautiful way to decorate a sheet cake – you won’t believe it til you see it!

Here’s a fun rainbow cake! Not a lot of time involved but big impact!

Here’s a great short simple cake decorating video that shows how to frost a cake so the sides and tops are smooth. Then add these great billowy decorations!


Fun Cakes For Kids

Today’s post is just for kids… or parents of kids… or the kids at heart.  I have been “collecting” fun (and incredible) cake ideas for kid parties, and thought I’d share a few with you.

First, from Bird on A Cake – a timely Frankenstein cake/tutorial.  You’ll also want to check out all her cake decorating tutorials – you’ll love her creations!

Now, this next one is labeled as a Groom’s Cake, from Cake Balls… but it could just as easily be a kids’ sports cake too! My guess is that she made chocolate truffles and dipped them in different colored candy coating to make the sports ball. Oreo Truffle Balls would work great for these!

I just LOVE this next cake.. and the tutorial that goes with it!  From Bronnie Bakes, a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake.   You can make your own marshmallow fondant that is easy to work with and taste great!

From Gluesticks, another great tutorial… this time how to make a Cheeseburger Cake.  LOVE it!  She uses marshmallow fondant too!

And finally, from Picture Perfect Cakes… I couldn’t pass up sharing this lego cake picture , since I have two lego obsessed boys in my house.  They would LOVE this cake… but might have a hard time letting me cut it up to eat!

Have you made a fun kids’ cake lately?  Let us know… we’d love to hear about it!

Spring Flower Cookies

I realized last night that my daughter and I haven’t made any spring COOKIES lately.  You know I had to google and pinterest search for some fun ideas! Here are the results of my search for the perfect Spring Cookie!

From BHG, a very easy sugar cookie idea:  Roll a dough ball in colored sugar. Snip it in half with scissors, then snip each half into three petals. Gently spread the petals apart and lay flat.

Also from BHG, another sugar cookie recipe… for Springtime Flowers:

From Sweet Tooth, a great tutorial for making Flower Pot Cookies:

And finally, from my favorite cookie maker, Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle… gorgeous poppies:

Are you doing any spring baking?  Share your recipes and ideas with us!


Cookies… cookies… and MORE cookies!

I only recently became aware of the WONDER that is the decorated sugar cookie.  I mean, sure, I’ve made lots of cookies in my life, and I’ve even decorated a few for the holidays over the years, but OH. MY. WORD.  I really had no idea what one could do with royal icing and some decorating talent.  (And actually, I have neither of those – icing OR talent – so even though I now KNOW what one could do, I couldn’t really do it if I tried).


How about I just show you some FABULOUS cookies, eh?  And maybe a tutorial or two?  From a few folks who DO have icing… and talent!

One of my most favorite new cookie sites is SugarBelle’s.  You will soon see why!  Check out some of her cookie masterpieces below!


The perfect jack-o-lantern cookies, with tips on making orange frosting:

An amazing example of how a cookie cutter can be used for more than one design:

Amazing!  (I know, I said that already, but really… )

Are you getting exciting about the cookie design possibilities?  Below you’ll  find several how to decorate with royal icing tutorials. Such as this fabulous lesson at with Top Ten Cookie Decorating tips about using Royal Icing:

And another one on how to “flood” cookies with Royal Icing. (I’ve learned a LOT of new terms in my cookie design making quest!)

I’m SO not done yet… look at THIS tutorial on quatrefoil designed cookies:

And this one, on making chevron-inspired cookies (another from SugarBelle’s!):

AND… I am going to finish out with these adorable angel cookies… and the tutorial on making them!

So, who is going to make some cookies?  (I’m volunteering to EAT them… or… admire them!)

And JUST in case you don’t have icing OR talent (just like me), here is a link to all our fabulous Cookie Favors in the Diva Entertains shop.

Tuesday Trends – Ruffles are everywhere!

I’m not sure what the exact scientific criteria is for a “trend”, but I figure if I’m seeing something a LOT as I travel around the internet, then it’s possibly the start of a trend.

If I start to see that same something ALSO in stores and out in “real life”, then it’s most certainly a trend. (Right?)

So, on Tuesdays I plan to write about Trends.  And Tips.  And Tutorials.  Maybe even a few Tricks.  (You probably noticed the repetition of the letter T in those titles.  It’s me trying to be clever).

Today’s Tuesday topic will be Tuesday Trends – Ruffles!

I am seeing ruffles everywhere lately.  How about you?  I’ve seen ruffles on purses and ruffles on wedding dresses and ruffles in home decor.


Ruffles on scarves and ruffles on pillows.

Lots… and lots… and lots of ruffles!

Yesterday, I found a great tutorial (there is one of those “t” words again!) on how to make your own ruffle chair garland.  If you are planning a party, you might just want to check this out.  These chair garlands would be perfect at a lovely tea or a birthday party for Aunt Jane… and even a wedding reception.

You can click HERE for the Ruffle Garland tutorial.


Are YOU seeing ruffles everywhere?  Do you have any cute, sweet, lovely or just plain FUN ruffles that you need to share?  Feel free to leave a comment, with a link!  And keep checking in with the Diva Entertains Blog as she shares other fall style trends. for the Diva Entertains Blog!

It’s about time for the new fall season… (bring on the cooler weather!)… and it’s also time for a new season here at Diva Entertains!

You will still be able to find great recipe posts on a regular basis, but it’s time for MORE!

Party tips, entertainment ideas, fabulous features, DIY tutorials… we’re going to have it all here at the DE blog.

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